Wednesday, April 24, 2024

EDITORIAL: Confusing Government u-turns


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U-turns seem to be the modus operandi of this Government in recent times.
And this MO needs to come to a halt with immediate effect as it leads to confusion, misinterpretations and creates doubt in the minds of the public who look to the Government to not only lead, but to chart a journey to take this country forward.
The U-turns and indecisions seem to be a recent trend that is leaving the Government with egg on its face.
On April 24, Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley, in a Press conference, announced that Foreday Morning, which originally came off on the Friday night of the Pic-O-De-Crop Finals, would shift to the Saturday night.
Then, two days after, the same minister came to the public, again in a Press conference, and announced that Foreday Morning, one of the biggest events now on the Crop Over calendar, would return to the status quo.
He justified this saying the move was after some consultations that convinced officials they should relook the decision.
Then, as if that was not bad enough, the same about-turn was taken in relation to the staging of the Cavalcades.
At that same Press conference on April 24, Lashley also revealed that after 12 years, the Crop Over Cavalcades would be coming to an end because of the economic situation.
He said the cuts would erase a projected shortfall of $1.3 million.
There was a big brouhaha from some stakeholders in entertainment who cried shame on this move.
Then last Saturday, the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), in a Press release, stated there would be one big Cavalcade on Friday, May 30, in Queen’s Park.
The NCF said a number of service providers had joined sponsors LIME and Starcom Network Inc. It also said some technical providers had come on board to make the event a reality, by waiving their fees.
Instead of the dipsy doodling decisions made about Foreday Morning and the Cavalcades, Government should have had more dialogue and discussion with stakeholders, including the public.
And if these two instances were not bad enough, Barbadians saw another complete about-turn last week when Minister of Education Ronald Jones seemed to have a change of heart on the use of cellphones in schools.
The minister said he would be relooking the ban on cellphones in all schools as the technology was an “admirable” and “superior” learning tool that must be a part of the 21st century classroom.
These quick and sudden changes in decisions are leaving many confused. The reality is that people look for leaders to lead and to be decisive and firm.
So lead and make decisions and stop this wishy-washy behaviour.
The people deserve better.


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