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$60 bill, but no water


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WHEN EVERY OTHER HOUSE in the Shop Hill district of St Thomas has water, Angela Jordan’s taps are normally dry.
Jordan said since she moved into the house eight years ago, she has never had a steady water supply and countless calls to the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) have not helped.
She said that she got a response only at the end of last year when she was told that an air valve needed to be placed in the pipe but doing so would require them to dig up the road.
To compound the situation, whenever Jordan turns on the pipe, she said all she gets is air, which causes the metre to speed up, resulting in a high water bill.
“When I turn on the pipe it makes a popping sound.  When this happens the metre speeds up and I am faced with a bill of between $60 to $70 each month. I try to get the little water that is coming out but the metre speeds up. I wanted someone from the BWA to come when it is like that so they would know I am not making a fuss for nothing.”
Jordan told the SATURDAY?SUN?that a team from the BWA examined her pipe a few weeks ago and although the problem was still to be rectified, her monthly $60 bill still kept coming.
She’s at her wits’ end because she is often forced to go to her neighbours to shower and fetch water.
Jordan said that when the water returned after an outage in the district, her house did not get a supply until sometime later.
“As long as the water is running, I have no problem; it is only when the water goes off, and the water goes off too often.”
Jordan said it was extremely frustrating to have to go to neighbours to bathe and she, along with her daughter and two young grandchildren, had to catch and store the drizzle that came through her taps.
Four weeks ago, she said, they were told the water would go off from 8:30 p.m. and come back on at 3 a.m. and since then her situation has gotten worse.
“On mornings when I get up I don’t get any water. Everyone around here gets water except me. When it finally comes on, it stays on for an hour or so and then it goes back off again,” Jordan said.
She is considering having the service disconnected and having another set up and run from another main.
When contacted, BWA communication specialist Joy-Ann Haigh said she knew there were challenges in Shop Hill because of the elevation but would investigate Jordan’s situation.
Haigh said the BWA apologised for the delay but would have to look into the reason for it and try to rectify the problem. (LK)


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