War link?


Barbados’ name is starting to feature prominently in the budding civil war in the Ukraine, and it has some Government officials concerned.
A well-placed source close to the Freundel Stuart administration confirmed earlier this week that “some concerns had been expressed” that the island was being linked to the recruitment of mercenaries to fight on behalf of the government in Kiev against protesters and Russian insurgents.
At the centre of the controversy is an international business company registered here called Greystone Limited, described as a subsidiary of the infamous American outfit once known as Blackwater, which was investigated by the United States Senate for questionable military activities in Iraq.
Questioned on the matter, Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite explained that the situation had not been brought to the attention of the Cabinet, so he was not aware of the details.
He added, however, he did know that some information was brought to the attention of Minister of International Business Donville Inniss before he left the island earlier this week. He was unable to say how Inniss was able to respond to that information before his departure.


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