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ALTAR CALL: Always ‘take time to pray’


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The Church cannot expect revival if it does not take time to pray. Prayer is an intercessory act and God will grant wisdom and mercy when we petition Him in earnest.

The importance of prayer was the focus last week by visiting minister Pastor Stephen Gittens, during an intense week of revival services at Faith Wesleyan Holiness Church in Jackmans, St Michael.

“Prayer is important to acquiring wisdom in how to go about our day-to-day activities, in the ministry of the Lord and that more than ever, prayers must be made for the country’s leaders,” Gittens said.

He also shared the need to pray “that God will send forth labourers who will seek to win the lost”.

Adding that prayers must also be made on the behalf of those who were sick, Gittens stressed they must always be accompanied by faith – the belief that God will answer.

Quoting James 5:16, he said it was the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous that availeth much, adding that God was expecting the righteous, “those who are made righteous by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to seek His face and call upon His name”.

The pastor told those in attendance: “The Lord is only too happy when we come before Him and pour out our souls, but too often we sit back and wonder what sins we have committed. If we have committed any sins, even then, we can ask for forgiveness and God will forgive.”

He warned, however, that when people regarded iniquity in their hearts, the Lord “will not hear” their prayers.

“It is therefore demanding that we understand it is the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous, whose prayer the Lord will answer.

“When we come before God with outstretched hands and upright hearts, God hears and answers. To those who call upon Him in earnest He ministers to.”

​​Prayer vital

​Gittens added that prayer was important in acquiring wisdom and only God could give wisdom to the nation’s leaders in order for them to rule wisely.

“If any man lacks wisdom, he can ask of God who giveth wisdom to all men liberally. When we pray for wisdom God gives revelation and understanding on how to deal with our affairs.

“Sometimes we make stupid mistakes when God has already established a standard. Prayer should not be taken lightly. Even Jesus prayed before he chose His disciples.”

Gittens noted that even in church, “democracy is not always the best policy” when it comes to deciding who sits on the church board.

“Many times we vote for those whom we like but they are not necessarily God’s choice. Jesus could have chosen anyone but He still sought God’s will in prayer.”

He warned his listeners to “be careful of the long-windedness and constant repetition of prayers” and to simply tell God their needs.

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