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TALKBACK: Readers peeved by hog-tying


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HAVE WE LOST our humanity and compassion as a country? That’s what online readers want to know, reacting with ire, horror and disgust to a young, homeless man hog-tied to a utility pole in Edghill, St Thomas.

According to the report in the last Saturday Sun, residents in the area were “suspicious” when they saw the young man in the neighbourhood.

He was caught and tied until police arrived.

However, the young man said the house he usually occupied was “pushed down” and he was trying to “find somewhere to sleep”.

Online readers said being homeless was not a crime. Others offered help or asked the Barbados Vagrants and Homeless Society if they could intervene. Some warned of karma.

Here are their views:

Chantel Bridgeman: [The] body that tie he up want charging; he is a human, not a dog . . . . The ones that doing nonsense ’bout the place, them can’t tie up.

Kerri-ann Katrina Reyes-Bichir: That is some cruel nonsense! Bajans like they lose their minds.

Nicole AJ Hope-Wiltshire: What a horrible thing to do to someone who is down. I remember my grandma feeding a homeless man whenever he needed food. Where is the compassion?

Tina Stuart: How sad. This man is some mother’s son. It’s heartbreaking.

Russ Orford: Whether we want to believe it or not, most of us are only one or two pay cheques from being homeless. Being homeless is not a crime.

Peter Jan Boos: Lord save us.

DeAmour Murrell: There’s something about this story that makes me feel very uncomfortable.

Summerbliss Wiltshire: Instead of helping, this is what they did; then they say society can’t change a person. I pray he gets help and that the ones who scorned him, that they themselves don’t ever fall into a situation like this [because] God doesn’t like evil.

Nicky Nicholle: This is heartbreaking to see. What did he do to deserve this? Residents had no right to do this and the photos of it are worse. Like one of the previous comments, we are all a few pay cheques away from being homeless. Sickness can also rob us of all that we have. Unbelievable; I pray that he gets some much needed help.

Ketricia McAllister Arthur: This simply brought tears to my eyes. I wish there was something I could do to help.

Derek Gale: What is Barbados coming to? It would seem that Barbadians are now living in the middle ages and are making an example of a homeless man. Truly appalling and inhumane.

Nathalie Rostant Mayers: What a horrible thing to do. How could they sleep? Where is your compassion, people?

Shane Brewster: This is inhumane; I don’t care what they say. Call the police first, not tie him like an animal.

Karen Allen: This is just so inhumane. Truly saddens me. Reminiscent of a time when black people were hog-tied and lynched.

Sherrylyn Toppin is The Nation’s Online Editor.



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