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LOOKA LEW: Give ’em the money


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Take my foolish advice. If a fella juk a gun in your nose and ask for your cellphone or wallet, give him. Don’t be a clown and play you fighting back, ’cause let me tell you, dead people don’t need cellphones or wallets.

Now I hope wunna realise that almost every day ’bout here, somebody either getting shoot or shoot at. That is why I does try to keep out of these idiots’ way and I would advise you to do the same too. So don’t get in no igrunt talk or arguments with them, ’cause some of them looking to make a name for themselves; they would shoot you just to score points with their peers.

And don’t try to be no hero either. If you working dealing with people money, and a man turn up and point a gun in your face, and ask you to hand over the money, don’t even play you checking to see if the gun real or if it is a water pistol. Give him the money, and if he still look like he would shoot, offer him some of yours too.

Listen, anytime you in doubt ’bout what to do, ask yourself how many lives you have, or rack your brain to find out who does sell lives. Don’t try to be no hero.

’Cause the same way you probably trying to decide what you gine have for lunch today, there is a fella somewhere trying to decide who he gine shoot today too.

Which leaves me wondering whatever became of them gun laws we suppose to have. I thought we had laws that when you get catch with a gun or used a gun in a crime you used to have to pay a wash o’ money to the court or get lost ’way in jail. What become of them laws?

And let me tell you something: I know a fair set of young people, and them does got fetes and cruises and them kinda things, and them does invite me and try to sell me tickets, but I ain’t gine.

’Cause fellas don’t think like how we from the old school does think. While I in town looking for a shirt to wear to the fete or cruise, another fella in town looking for a cutlass or knife to take to the same fete or cruise.

I looking to go and drink a drink, have a dance and enjoy myself. The other fella looking to chop up or shoot somebody later in the evening. That is why the police finding so much guns and knives at these things.

Anyhow, the other day I was somewhere having a beverage when I heard the annoying barking of a motorcycle. I heard somebody remark, “Would you believe he is only bout 12 . . . 14 de most?”

I look up to see a bareback young boy riding this motorcycle, and what’s more he was attempting to raise the front wheel or horse it as well. Now at that age I know he ain’t had no licence, and I was told that the owner know he does got the motor cycle.

So I asked, “Suppose he had to get lick down and dead, what would happen?”

And almost matter-of-a-factly somebody answered, “He would get bury, nuh.”

Then I asked, “Well suppose he lick down somebody and kill them, what would happen?”

And again matter-of-a-factly I was told, “Them would get bury too.”

And I shook my head and continued drinking my beverage.

See ya.


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