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PUDDING & SOUSE: Good wife’s had enough


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RECONCILIATION is no longer on the cards for the long-suffering wife who fought for the love of her husband despite his cheating ways.

Word reaching P&S is that the diminutive wife has decided to split from her hubby who fathered a child with a young woman.

Those close to her suggest she agonised over the decision but just can’t handle the hypocrisy that her life has become.

Readers would recall that her husband, who proclaims his love of God, initially denied the child was his, but a DNA test proved him to be the culprit. Now he forks out $800 a month to support the beautiful baby that he helped to conceive with a voluptuous female.

People watching the situation are now wondering who will fill the vacuum created with the wife’s departure. Will it be the young child’s mother who created the stink that caused the split, or will it be someone else?

They’re wondering too how the husband’s father will handle this development and if this will affect his relationship with his innocent grandchild?


Official breaks ranks

A SELECT GROUP in the public service is talking about a senior colleague who initiated an investigation into a matter in which the group had a personal interest, then signed off on it when it was settled.

Though the colleague did not break any law per se, their action has been raising many an eyebrow in the ranks of the group as it is not something usually done.

From what we heard, this senior individual was owed money for several years which they never collected for whatever reason.

However, the man who owed the individual recently came into some money. On hearing about the man’s good fortune, this senior person put wheels in motion that would allow the man to know the money he owed would have to be paid. The man complied.

Having achieved what he was after, the big-up signed off on the matter.


Spare the child, please

TEACHERS OFTEN SAY that little children usually tell them everything. But sometimes that information could be too obscene even for the teachers to digest.

Such a case happened at a primary school when a little girl uttered certain words to a little boy within earshot of some classmates. They immediately said “haw haw” and told on their classmate.

The teacher pulled the little child aside and asked her where she got such words from. It was then the child relayed chapter and verse about what she heard her mother say to her “uncle”.

The moral of the story – don’t let your children hear and see what you do with a member of the opposite sex, as they are prone to mimic it at school.


Missing the signs

SOME MEN are woeful about reading the emotions of the women around them.

This happened to a middle-aged man who for several months has been paying a helper to clean his house and prepare his food. He never once recognised that the shy woman had eyes for him.

He knows different now, though.

From what P&S was told, the man went overseas for ten days. When he came back, she was very happy to see him and told him so. Her mood changed though when he showed her pictures of him and his new wife at their wedding ceremony.

The woman got angry and asked him how he could do such when she loved him and was doing her all for him. She stormed out of his house and now is not even speaking to him.The man is now wondering how he could have missed the signs from her that she was interested in him.




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