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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Ghost cars paying off


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PEOPLE IN THE know are looking forward to arrests of some high-profile people involved in a million-dollar scam.

They said that when the news breaks, a lot of society types will either leave Barbados for long vacations overseas, or will have to mortgage their houses to repay the money they illegally got.

From what Cou Cou was told, the scam involves getting loans for the purchase of high-end vehicles that do not exist.

It seems those involved somehow get valuations for the vehicles to enable them to be licensed. This information is given to someone who works in a job that earns them a salary big enough to afford a $1 600 a month vehicle loan payment.

The unwitting finance company relying on the documentation in front of them grants the loan for $100 000 to purchase the vehicle. The loan is paid for a few months and then what we understand happens is that the “vehicle” is stolen. The insurance has to pay, and someone walks away free with a lump sum of ill-gotten cash. 

Insiders are saying the police are sniffing around but aren’t on the right track as yet because some of the companies involved want to hush up what is really going on, so no one is talking.

But since God don’t like ugly, Cou Cou is sure that someone may get the strength to come forward soon to talk – then fireworks’ are expected to fly.


The shifting sands

PEOPLE FAMILIAR WITH the goings-on in a certain ministry are asking why a rural institution is getting a facility built, when the material being used there was destined for another task.

They told Cou Cou that tonnes of material was ordered dispatched from the particular ministry to the institution to do the job.

The thing is the ministry’s workmen were waiting for weeks to get this material to fix up areas under their mandate. So when this institution was brought into the hot mix of things, they did not like it one bit.

Now it seems the workmen would have to continue patching things up with the inadequate material they were using for some time.

One man who knows about the situation is saying he hopes that when the lashes start on this issue, people know who to give them to.

He said this is the second time materials meant for one place have been diverted for use somewhere else, and these actions are driving him and his colleagues around the bush.


Stealing the show

A BIG MAN showed his underling who was boss recently by riding in at the last minute and stealing the show.

The underling, who wears a permanent grin, had a big event planned for near his house, and was dressed to the nines for the occasion too.

But the big man had other ideas.

He felt that the event should be held down by him and, as he was the boss, he immediately changed things around – much to the disbelief of the underling.

The one good thing about the big man, though, was that he allowed the underling to grab much of the spotlight – to his heart’s delight.


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