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Dangers of texting sexy pics


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“It’s so tempting to send your lover a sexy picture to make them think of you. But what happens when that naked shot gets blasted out into the world?”

Almost every week Natalie sends a sexy, raunchy and sometimes naked picture to her husband of seven years.

More often than not it is at his insistence, or rather his request, that she obliges.

Natalie doesn’t mind putting on sexy lingerie and striking a sultry and alluring pose for her husband.

She admits that when she is overseas, she tends to take the intiative and takes pictures without any prompting, sending his way, via cellphone.

“At least every week, in fact sometimes every day, he asks me for a sexy or naked picture,” she said.

Nowadays though, Natalie, who is in her 30s, thinks twice before sending pictures via email or even cellphone.

“Before, I was always careful though, to be honest. I would always tell him to make sure to not let his phone end up in the wrong hands.

“I would tell him that if any one of his friends borrow his phone even if it is to make a call, to try and delete the photos. I am always nervous that my pictures could fall into the wrong hands,” she said.

Even though Natalie said she will still accede to her husband’s request for pictures, she is even more aware of the dangers, given the number of people who have fallen victim in recent times to having their naked pictures leaked as part of the Apple iCloud hacking scandal.

This week it was reported that two topless images of Rihanna appeared online via 4chan and Reddit.

American actress Amber Heard was reportedly one of the hardest hit celebrities, with more than 50 nude snaps of her surfacing. Nude photos of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens were also leaked.

While Natalie said even though she is no celebrity, she will be extra careful when sending pictures to hubby via cellphone.

“From now on I will be cropping my face out of the picture and I will just take pictures from my neck down,” she said, lamenting that pictures taken innocently to spruce up a marriage or love life could end up in the public domain.

Natalie’s situation mimics that of the movie Sex Tape released earlier this year where married couple Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) try to spice up their formerly formidable sex life by making a sex video on a new iPad.

With the help of some alcohol, Jay and Annie loosen up and decide to try every position in The Joy of Sex while the iPad records their three-hour sexcapade. Annie has just one condition: delete the video in the morning. Unfortunately, he didn’t delete the video.

This issue also came to the fore during a drama filled episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta where Mimi and Nikko’s sex tape was released to the public, outraging many viewers who weighed in on whether they believed it was intentionally done.

Right here in Barbados there is also some concern.

Ann said her boyfriend is always pestering her to take naked pictures with her cellphone and send to him but she flat out refuses.

“You never know where those pictures would end up so I never send them even though I know it upsets him.”

Police public relations Officer Inspector David Welch said while it was not an offence if two consenting persons take pictures and send to each other he explained that when one of the persons involved does not consent and distributes the photos and cause alarm and distress, the person sending the pictures can be charged.

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