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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Shame not on shop list


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The talk all around a certain St James neighbourhood is about a man who has been smitten by a woman originally from Berbice county.

He is by her shop first thing on morning before going off to work. And when his workday is over, having stamped many a card before shadows of the evening draw nigh, this husband is in the sweet girl’s watering hole.

His carrying on has been for the entire district to see.

The only problem is that it happened even during his marriage.

Sadly, his wife has passed away and some wonder whether she had a heavy heart caused by his philandering ways. And it all occurred less than 200 metres away and right before her eyes.

But what shocked and disgusted many people in the district was the big wake held for his wife.

The tents were many. Some people thought there was going to be an event for the entire district.

This brazen Bajan decided to have the function next door to his lover’s business place and to cap it all off, get his mistress to prepare the food and drinks, of which many an invitee was asked to partake.

The departed wife’s relatives, some living nearby, some in the heartland of Barbados and others overseas, were not amused and to this day are totally upset.

Rats taking over

Death certainly brings out the strangest side of people.

In another bizarre and shocking situation, a woman who took refuge in a well known man’s house less than five years ago is now trying to claim the man’s property as her own, apparently unconcerned about the rights of the dutiful daughter.

The man, who was known for his fun and wit, recently passed away and rather than try to get out of the place, this woman and her offspring are trying all sorts of dubious things to say why they should stay in the house.

The man did not marry her; they were not engaged, nor courting nor in any way lovers. Yet, she wants his inheritance.

They have taken his clothing, his shoes and many of his household items. The woman even told people she will soon be driving around the car. But the people in the East where this is all taking place have said no to this idea. The rightful owner has apparently secured the vehicle.

The big joke of it all is that the woman says she cannot move because she has given away her big bungalow and now has nowhere to go.

The dead man’s former workmates have indicated they will not allow his hard work and years of sacrifice to be given away wrongfully. They are promising to help fight this situation as their first response by law is to protect and rescue from the heat of any situation. In this regard, they’re eager to help evict these invaders.

Hog on the high

The talk all around Needhams Point is about a man who has been eating big and often at a certain hotel.

It was also the big point of discussion on the block in Black Rock only this week. A number of fellas there say that with things so hard all across the country they hate to hear anyone bragging about all the pigtail soup on Fridays and the mahi mahi along with roast beef and pork during the week.

The men on the block say while they don’t envy anyone who likes to eat at fancy restaurants, that person should be able to pay.

Not so with this man. He has been sending the bills to a government agency, since he holds a temporary position of power at a statutory agency, thanks to his political master. So this big eater has been exercising his authority to have lunch on a regular basis in all and any of the dining rooms.

Well placed sources say the bill now totals well over $3 000. In these austere times, the question is whether the organisation will close its eyes and pay the bills.

There is a feeling the Auditor General’s Department should look into this free-meal situation which may soon end because of mergers and acquisitions.

Not showing colours

This weekend Barbados celebrates its 48th anniversary of Independence.

And many Bajans real proud and showing it.

But judging from a look around yesterday – and most certainly the same will happen today, tomorrow and Monday – there are some in this beautiful rock who don’t care one iota about being Bajan.

They are not wearing a yellow or blue shirt, not even a black pants. Some don’t know 48 things about this lovely rock except how to exploit its resources and try to own all of it.

Some aren’t interested in talking like a Bajan.

The people will have to beg Gabby to write a song and Adrian to do a poem before the 50th anniversary about this situation.


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