Thursday, February 29, 2024

PUDDING & SOUSE: Architect of lies only


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There is a man who left Barbados and returned saying he was an architect, but he never graduated from college.

Word reaching Pudding & Souse is that he was in the United States working under a fake Social Security number, drinking, smoking, and womanising, before returning home.

Now, this same man is reportedly running around with married women because he thinks older men are targeted by young women for their money, and the married women won’t put money pressure on him.

Also, this man is involved in a bank scam, concerning which he is now desperately trying to pay back a popular bank monies taken via a bad cheque.

This man will live on in infamy because of his arrogance and because a Facebook page has him on constant blast. If he wasn’t so broke, maybe he would have better luck dating single women and making his child support payments.

Message driven home

A woman got the shock of her life when she discovered her car spray-painted with the words “Leave My Man Alone”.

Word has it that she has been making the moves on another woman’s man and has refused to stop horning the woman despite receiving several angry telephone calls and text messages.

It seems that this message was clearly received since it was written in red while a picture of the car was also posted on social media.

Check yourselves first

A woman who believes that she has been headlined twice in Pudding & Souse wants her colleagues to know that they are the ones cheating time and money out of their workplace.

She telephoned Pudding & Souse to say that she has all of her pay stubs to prove that hundreds of dollars are deducted from her pay packet whenever she clocks in late and that her supervisors do not extend any favours to her. Furthermore, she is legitimately selling raffle tickets to raise funds to help care for the elderly.

The woman wants the men who drink on the job, womanise, and also steal the company’s material to focus on themselves and not on her.

Present without leave

Employees in a certain government department want to know why instructions were handed down from on high to pay a man who went on a job even though he was not authorised to do so.

Apparently, payroll decided that he was not getting a cent from his very good friend – who is also his boss – who apparently issued instructions to pay him the overtime money.


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