PUDDING & SOUSE: Lavish do a big shock


Several guests who attended a certain company’s Christmas party were definitely shocked at the over-the-top celebration.

Not only did it cater to more than 600 guests made up mainly of the who’s who of Barbados’ elite but word has it that the organisers may have broken the bank to pull off this very lavish affair.

We understand that the huge dining hall was equipped with a 30-foot-long buffet table laden with savoury mouth-watering dishes with such fancy names that guests would have had difficulty rolling them off their tongues.

And to top it all off, a dropping crystal chandeliers adorned the elegantly designed hall. Furthermore, at the end of the night, each guest left with a gift in hand.

Even though many were impressed with this opulent affair, people could not help but wonder how the guest of honour, who has been embroiled in controversy all year, could have pulled off such grandeur, especially when he has been preaching to cut and contrive.

Even staff who are still nervous at the prospect of future job cuts were asking if the funds used to finance this party couldn’t have been set aside for job safety purposes. And they also want to know how such an event could be financed when the country is still in economic uncertainty.

Will this event be placed on the audit books when the International Monetary Fund comes calling again?

Three-way affair

Two brothers who live in a rural part of the island are continuing to feud over the woman that both of them have children for.

P&S understands that one of the brothers even wants to take over the other’s child, claiming that he is an unfit father because he would not stop horning him.

While the two brothers still live in the same house and are still sleeping with the same woman, neighbours want the police to take action because the two are always fighting with each other.

Neighbours are afraid that this three-way affair could lead to someone being seriously injured very soon.

Super fraud at work

Employees at a Government office want to know how a supervisor who has not worked in a department for the past two years could get free goodies from a company delivered to the department, in his name.

They want to know why management does not stop this man from going to companies every December and getting free goods for Christmas by pretending that he works at various departments.

Honeymoon over

After interjecting herself between a well known married couple, a woman has found out the hard way that the man she pursued with such vengeance could never shake off his criminal past.

It seems that she was intrigued by this headline-making couple, who defied all the rules of a certain institution to proudly walk down the aisle together a few years ago.

She made wifey’s life a living hell, constantly calling and harassing her until she divorced her husband. But it seems that the honeymoon is over and the tables have turned on this horner woman. We understand that she was at the receiving end of some physical abuse at the hands of lover boy, who is known for being very hot-headed, hence his previous stint in the slammer.

It seems that she has learnt her lesson the hard way and after buying his love with a van so that he could use in his line of work, all she has been left with is a protection order from the court.


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