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‘Ready to improve on my life’


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AS THE DIRECTOR of a pageant I am always one who believes in self-assessment and development. I am very superstitious, and every year religiously I set New Year’s resolutions, bearing in mind I seldom keep any of them.

I believe that New Year resolutions are those goals you wish to achieve for the upcoming year. They challenge you to do better and be better. I think the mistake that many of us make is that we set unattainable goals which prevent us from achieving them.

I try never to set unrealistic goals in 2015 which I cannot reach. I have also decided for the first time this year to write down all of my goals for 2015 so I would not forget them. Writing down my resolutions will give me the opportunity to analyse if I have achieved any of them from the date they were set.

Some see making New Year resolutions as pointless while others argue why should you wait until the end of the year to set goals for yourself. For me it is just a feeling one gets as a New Year approaches, the willingness to change or just do better.

I guess that is why many decide to go to church on Old Year’s Night to usher in a New Year. I just love that feeling when a new year approaches. That feeling that all things are possible.

I think my biggest New Year’s resolution would be to stop being so late to everything. People who know me and that are reading this article can attest to me always arriving late at every event. Many joke and say I may also be late for my funeral – a prime example of how late I genuinely am.

Many of my New Year resolutions for 2015 are about my personal self-development – from lateness to being more patient whilst in certain situations I may encounter. I would also love to go to church more frequently as well.

Despite my downfalls I love the challenge to do more and be better. I believe New Year resolutions even though they do not guarantee success in everything you do; they challenge you to be everything you can be.

My advice to anyone is to evaluate your own life and make a list of things that you believe can be improved on within your life.

Place the list where it can be visible to you or someplace where you often frequent.

As you achieve a goal, tick it and that will assist you in evaluating your progress. It is never too late to create a New Year resolution!!

One love!


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