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FLYING FISH &COU COU: Diva loses out on pick


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SHE ONCE CAUGHT the attention of all Barbados with her outlandish fashion statement on the catwalk. She became the joke wherever she went, from Sherbourne to the Pine to every hamlet across this rock.

But this former socaholic diva fell out of favour with the maggufies wearing red shirts six weeks a year. So she was not even considered to market the most popular community event in all Bim, but was sent back to idle hall where she had to rethink and recharge.

After a thorough search things seemed as if they were looking up recently when she was told that a pick with a firm foundation was coming with the organisers of the real soca bacchanal.

The fellow with the foreign accent, who recently undertook overseas studies, is back and, in his stylish way, has been making his presence felt, but was deemed better suited for some new agency. However, he apparently isn’t leaving a sure cranny for any uncertain nook. And what’s more, the jobs, from top to bottom at this new agency, have not been advertised.

So after the diva, smiling and delighted, was introduced as the top dog in positioning, pricing, promotion and products, just so, the balloon burst.

The fellow with the manly French name shout out, ‘Oh no! I ain’t leaving sure for uncertain.’

So, the rose of sharon has to wait. In the meantime, the only thing she can believe is that someone badtalked her name to somebody of temporary influence.

New face coming

THE WOMAN IN WHITE has promised that all will be done in good time to ensure all lieutenants are approved and appointed very soon.

To prove the point, it seems as if a new face among the ranks will be walking through the cart roads, near the gullies, on the hillsides and the parks in the middle of the island.

The queen of scarves is said to be getting ready to call it quits. Loyal and dependable, she is still expected to give 100 per cent support as a member of the reserves.

If her team wins the war, she is sure to be rewarded for her loyalty as a true and trusted captain.

The person in waiting for this historically secure opening in the ranks is someone known for her catch phrases and speaking in sound bites such as “There is crisis of confidence in Bim.”

This short, round-face, well-mannered smiling puss is expected to waltz into the coveted safe bunker after the bragga defender, who had long been favoured, had to step back. He certainly lost favour over the woman in white after he faced a court martial for an incident on his farm two years ago.

Behind the times

EVERY TIME the people in positions of power talk, the public hears of e-commerce and technology. But the reality is that this is nothing more than hot air and long talk.

So when a job is advertised, people have to march up to Culloden Road to get further details and appropriate application forms.

Even when people accessing information for scholarships and grants look to the agency dealing with innovation and technology, it doesn’t do things the modern way. Bare paper is wasted and time spent trekking up and down for people.

Add to that the technology for renewals of the modern driver’s licence which is hardly ever working effectively. Plus, if there is ever a fire near any Government departments, despite all of the technology today, the world could not be informed of Government’s information.

Just not interested

THINGS LOOK UNCERTAIN in Little Bristol and uphill for dear, loving people who have been fighting the 50-year war.

The Adventist fellow, whom everyone was saying would be facing up to the other Adventist, is now said to be not really very interested in taking to the match.

While one man had things ready-made for him after the skipper decided he would not play anymore, the other fellow is saying that given the staunch support for a particular team, he is considering whether he really wants to face the bowling and, for that matter, do any bowling himself.

Things were looking set for an interesting contest: a cricket match with no rum on the sidelines, no souse or pork chops, and people planning not to cuss and carry on.

To make a bad thing worse, the former banker is no longer interested; in fact, he says count him out of the diamond celebrations.

This could very well mean a struggle finding a standard-bearer for a land where Leslie and Doc once ruled.



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