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PUDDING & SOUSE: Wife good at horning


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IT SEEMS that a guidance counsellor at a rural school is also in need of some personal counselling.

This woman, who is supposed to be happily married, has been cheating on her husband for the past two years with a man who lives overseas but previously worked here as a musician.

This outside man seems to be tantalising her with sweet music because whenever he is in Barbados she never leaves his side.

Meanwhile, her unsuspecting husband spends most of his nights at church alone.

Friends who are aware of this situation are praying that wifey comes to her senses and stops this adulterous situation before she loses her marriage.

By the way, the man she is cheating with did this same thing to one of his cricket friends overseas, which resulted in that man divorcing his wife.

Friends to the rescue

SOMETIMES IT PAYS to say nothing, no matter how clean one’s hands might be.

This advice could have been taken by a certain fellow.

Not so long ago his friends had to bail him out when the mansion was for sale by foreclosure from a financial institution.

One wonders if he has repaid those friends yet. He likes to hold money real tight. And another thing, he should stop frequenting his favourite watering holes since the Good Book reminds us that “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise”.

A word to the wise!

Licence to drink

WHEN THE SON of a prominent figure was recently pulled over by the police behind the wheel of his father’s luxury vehicle, he proudly produced a bag full of expensive liquor.

It seems that this teenager and his underage buddies, who were also in the vehicle, were on their way to a party.

While the cops may have been shocked at the amount of liquor the teenagers were carrying, they were even more taken aback when they contacted his father to inform him about the situation.

The father’s amused response was: “I ain’t vex with he for drinking. I vex that he ain’t hide the drinks properly.”

True! True! True!


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