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AWRIGHT DEN!: Value in the process


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I’VE HAD SOME REALLY challenging times and it feels like it has been going on forever.

This morning I felt so burdened, tired, hurt and disappointed and as the tears flowed as I cried out to God, this message was impressed on my heart: “Be careful in complaining about ‘bad’ situations because you will miss them if things get worse.”

Do not be deceived in thinking that every bad situation is inspired by or the work of “the devil”. God also places situations in your life to draw you closer to Him; to reveal things you need to change; to allow you to grow and develop new perspectives and deeper appreciations; to remove you from some relationships, associations and memberships; and to refine, reform and reposition you.

God knows that if we never struggled, failed, were betrayed, disappointed, lied on, used, misused, abused and refused, some of us would never long for His presence, voice, touch or even seek Him. In the absence of failure and imperfection, arrogance, complacency and selfishness are birthed.

Our trials keep us humble, they keep us grounded and without them, many of us would never change or mature. There is enough evidence to show that we pray, worship and read Bible more when we need an answer, a breakthrough, healing, deliverance or provision.

Each year car companies release updated versions, which may only have a few new features or changes. This is similar to God working on us each month or year, empowering us to change some habits, bring order and direction to our lives, build faith and new friendships, and strengthen our relationship and walk with Him.

There comes a time when a car company releases an entire new model; a total upgrade with new engine, body shape, lights, tyres, rims, exhaust system, computer, sound system, security features, parking aid – the works.

The updated models look completely different to the previous versions and are generally more attractive, more comfortable to drive, with better aerodynamics and stability control, of higher value and more relevant to a modern world and an evolving customer.

Similarly, there comes a time when the person who brought you this far can’t take you where you need to go, so God needs to form a new model of you. He needs to upgrade you and make you relevant to your “next step”. Your end product will result in you having a new focus, strengths, appearance, perspectives, characteristics and goals. Maybe a new career or promotion, new relationships or new family.

When car companies are creating a new model, they spend years, months, weeks, days, hours in the design and product development phase. Then the model goes through many tests to see if it is ready for the market and to make sure it is at its best when the consumer gets it.

These new models require tests that the past models never experienced because they contain new features, innovations and technologies designed specifically for their new environment, market and customer. 

Equally, when God is changing and upgrading your model, it takes time and you will be tested to see if you are ready for market, and to make sure you are at your best when He releases you to the world. There are many new tests you will face that you have never faced before and that’s because of the new features, strengths and characteristics found in the new you.

You will fail, struggle, succeed, be disappointed, fail, succeed and feel like giving up, but that is okay; the results and analysis of the tests reveal what needs to be worked on, tweaked or amended.

We often marvel at the new models when they reach the market but really don’t understand or appreciate the process that preceded the product.

Remember: Jesus was prepared for 30 years to minister only for three; Moses was prepared in the palace to fulfil his destiny in the desert; Joseph was prepared in the desert to fulfil his destiny in the palace.

The movie Avatar took 15 years from original writing to release for the world to enjoy it for only three hours.

The process of preparation is unique to you, so don’t compare. The process defines the quality of the product.

 • Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador. Email


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