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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Who or what am I?


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It makes me look as if I’m pouting.

I do not trust the news media and how they report the news.

But I represent the news media people who report the news.

I had people real angry this past week with the foolishness I talk.

But I have a duty to my loyal supporters, dwindling though their numbers may be.

I have to prove myself, that I am no mere shadow.

But Mr Inches was ever present and visible the past week.

I know this article will get me mad

But I must learn to deal with all types and all situations.

I know tomorrow people will raise their voices in prayer for me.

Tell me, how or what am I?

Not this time:

A popular man from the east, who had to escape getting some physical blows late last year, was given some terrible body blows this week by a number of his underlings.

It all started when he tried to ease someone through the back door to be part of the show which people now say is a big waste of taxpayers’ money. His method was an old tactic many of his colleagues had used before. Indeed, he himself has been accused of so doing many times over while leaving Roebuck Street and passing through Country Road on his way to Passage Road.

But the men in blue were looking to see how they too could get in a friend or even a relative to the show as well. One fellow was overheard saying this is no case for families first and added that Sparrow was right. So they gave the popular man from the east the music sheet for the song Not This Time and told him to learn to pull a bass on that one.

In the hot seat:

A fumbly woman, alias Miss Rolly Polly, who can be seen walking near the National Cultural foundation on mornings and who is normally always closed mouth whenever asked a question about her charge, nearly wet herself last week.

She found herself in a corner and had to say something, both outside and inside. Those around the table on the inside from whence she sat said it was a pitiful sight. They said it should be a lesson in thinking for yourself and doing what’s right.

 Then on the outside in another area was the intellectual from near Tichbourne,  also fumbling for words and not sure what was his role and why he and others had been rallying at the scene where some tempers were hot and all sorts of talk went down – true, false and downright foolishness.

The Intellectual was like Miss Rolly Polly, simply letting words fly out of his mouth. He talked but no one really listened. He apparently was interested in printing tickets to offer people to get into the show.

All the time the spectacle was taking place, some of those trying to protect the actors who normally perform at the show said law and order people were looking at the books recently, but poor Miss Rolly Polly had a new issue on her hands.

People are waiting to see whether anyone will quietly walk away or whether those responsible for law and order will be called to lead them away.


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