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Janice and Jade


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THIS MOTHER’S DAY is extra special for Janice Ramsey. She is christening her newborn daughter Jade today.

Jade is nine weeks old and is breaking hearts with her smile and her coos. With daddy Dale adoring his little princess, the only thing he doesn’t do is “breastfeed, and from the time he hears her cry he lets me know it’s bubbies time,” said Janice laughing. “He loves to take her for the evening strolls and sings her to sleep at night.”

On morning stroll duty is a doting grandmother who “helps a lot . . . .  It is her first grandchild and even though two months have passed, she is still really excited like the first day. She is the morning stroll person and the chief baby clothes washer”, she admitted.

Janice said all the help was appreciated: “Managing in the beginning was difficult. Juggling between the housework and Jade was hard, thus I neglected the cleaning, cooking and washing . . . . Baby was my main priority but after a while I got the hang of it . . . but only after a while”.

Since Jade is her first child, she was nervous counting down the days, waiting for the water breaking and the contractions but the baby, who was due on March 8, had other plans. On her due date mum was home anxiously awaiting the signs, but that day passed and the following day and the day after that.

“At that point my friends began calling and texting asking if baby is here. My reply was ‘nope , she’s comfortable’, but I was sad. As I checked and crossed off the dates on the calendar, I realised a full moon was approaching and I came to the conclusion she was waiting for the full moon . . . . But that date also came and went.”

A visit to the physician the Friday morning to make sure everything was okay was probably the signal Jade was looking for by midday Janice started to feel some discomfort.

Saturday morning the pain was still there “but it was bearable so I didn’t alarm anyone.  After about two hours pacing up and down the bedroom the pain intensified and  I woke Dale and  told him the good news.”

At the hospital, the fear disappeared as the excitement of what was going on took over.

“I was experiencing labour . . . my princess was ready to be born. A part of me was excited to meet her, but the whole drama of my water breaking and the labour pains floored me,” she said chuckling. The waiting game began and from after 2 a.m. Janice waited patiently and “in pain, of course” but at 1:53 p.m. it was all over and baby Jade weighing 8 lbs, 1.6 oz said, ‘hi world’.

“Being a mum is a wonderful experience and I am truly thankful that the Lord has granted me the opportunity.  Jade is one of my greatest accomplishments thus far and waking up to her on mornings is a blessing.”

The name Jade was one of many on the list to be chosen and Janice said she was looking forward to the day when momma is her first word, not dada,” she said, laughing, while playing with Jade in the swing.

Jade has now developed a routine. In the beginning her naps were varied and Janice said it was rough on her at time. “For the first couple days due to the night feedings it was easier for me to let her sleep besides me but now she sleeps in her bed.  The night feedings were a pain, but I was warned.

“I am still breastfeeding but I slip in a bottle of formula a day . . . just so she gets accustomed to the bottle and the different taste.”

Dale was already a dad to a three-year old daughter and Janice said, “Her big sister adores her. She likes to help with everything, even the nappy changes. We let her hold her and baby talk to her. But we keep reminding her Jade is not a doll,” she said laughing.

Janice will soon return to work and admits she is going to miss the bonding time with Jade.

“I am already dreading that day. I love looking at her and trying to decipher what she has from my genes. When she gives me that broad smile it warms my heart. Hearing her coo makes my face light up. Everything she does just brightens my day. I wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything.”


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