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ALTAR CALL: Preacher: Release inner greatness


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WHEN IT APPEARS that all is dead and lost, that’s the time to release the greatness of God within you. That’s the very time when God will do something miraculous and marvellous in your life.

This assurance came from Minister Judy P. Linton as she addressed the congregation at Dunamis Wesleyan Holiness Church, Staple Grove, Christ Church, during the recent Healing For The Soul annual crusade which was also the Collymore Rock Church of the Nazarene.

“The time is now when God’s people ought to know there is something great within them. If we serve a great God there must be something great coming out from within us,” Linton declared.

“We serve a great God and we ought to speak the great things in our lives because we are destined for greatness. When you understand the greatness inside of you, tradition will not break you. God is looking for people who are ready to go forward and release that greatness that lies within them.”

She based much of her sermon on Numbers 27 and spoke about Zelophehad (a man who had no sons). His daughters Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah were forced to stand before Moses, Eleazar the priest and an entire congregation to gain possession of their father’s land which was rightfully theirs.


Linton said the daughters broke tradition by speaking out, but noted that when people understood the greatness within, barriers would not keep them back from doing the right and necessary thing.

“These daughters had no brothers because their father had no sons when he died, but they did not wait for the land to go to other brethren. They seized the moment and addressed Moses. It was their timing that made the difference. Usually, the timing of God in our lives will change our lives dramatically,” Linton said.

“They knew their future and survival were in crisis and that they faced the possibility of being homeless. They did not just hang out in the tent of self-pity and allow circumstances to decide their future. [Likewise] today, God is looking for people who are ready to go forward and release the greatness inside of them as these daughters did.”

Linton told her listeners that God always showed Himself great and mighty on behalf of His children, many of whom thought they had come to the end of their lives.

She cited Moses, Joseph, Daniel, the lepers in the Old Testament, Jacob, Joshua and others.

“There are times when you must break through the obstacles and barriers and refuse to be intimidated by what others or tradition say. God says there is greatness inside of you and there is much you have to accomplish for Him.


“Death is not the end; it’s just a beginning. It’s time to move into the greatness God has for you when it appears all is dead.”

She also noted that each of the sisters by virtue of the meaning of their names, brought significance to what they were going through – among them, sickly, caring, counsellor and delight.

The Barbadian-born, Brooklyn-based minister said that once they came together, they also brought balance, and likewise today, God’s people must bring a balance to the table when approaching Him.

She urged her listeners to walk in the tradition of faith like their forefathers did, not allow past circumstances to determine their future successes, allow God to remove barriers in their lives and release greatness and know that if God was for them, “no one can be against them”.


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Members of Dunamis Wesleyan Holiness Church praising God. (Pictures by Lennox Devonish.)


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