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DEAR CHRISTINE: Not leaving my wife for other woman


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Dear Christine,

I’D LIKE to share the following information with you and get your response.

You have printed many letters from the “other woman” – who is always hurt because her married lover won’t leave his wife for her. Well, here’s one from the married lover.

I am a male who is almost 50 and have been experiencing one hell of a midlife crisis. My wife has wanted a divorce for about a year now, and somehow I keep convincing her to hang in with me.

I got involved with my younger secretary. She knew just what she wanted – me. She left her husband. I never asked her to or promised her anything; in fact, I tried to talk her out of it.

I have broken off our affair, but she won’t stop calling. She has played dirty, calling my wife and sending her ugly notes.

Christine, I have a devoted wife who still loves me. I’d have to be an idiot to leave her for a younger secretary whom I don’t really know. My secretary wouldn’t have liked the real me who my wife has put up with for 27 years.

My wife did everything I wanted all these years. I insisted she stay home with the children, and then I became unhappy with her when all along it was me I was really unhappy with. I can only pray she forgives me someday.

We married men don’t leave our wives because we’re not crazy – we just act that way sometimes!

– R.P.


Dear R.P.,

It’s always good to hear a married man’s point of view about his infidelity. No one is perfect, and many times as human beings we do things we know are wrong and somehow hope that they will turn out “all right”.

Confession is always good for the soul and I am sure when your wife realises the effort you have made to make up for the hurt and shame you’ve caused her, she will forgive you. However, don’t expect a miracle overnight. It will take some time for her to put her complete faith and trust in you all over again.

Thanks for sharing.



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