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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Poor man left out to sea


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THE BIG NEWS around the Bay Street Esplanade this week is about the incompetence of an amateur piano player who caused bare headaches for a number of people, including a man who likes to zoom in and out.

Word is that the tardiness of this chieftain, who likes to spend a lot of time in the church, resulted in some people not being paid for an extended period, indeed it is said to be months.

Just imagine this big-up getting a cheque every month while a lowly man is left out to sea.

As a result, the man’s vehicle was repossessed, the landlord wrote him threatening letters, food was hard to put on the table and terrible suffering was all around.

No directive

IT WAS ONE BIG JOKE initially but then turned into a matter of major concern as colleagues realised that a man’s life could be destroyed simply because this big-up failed to give the directive and ensure the continuation order was put in place.

Fortunately, the man, whose shoes were burning him and who was suffering as a result, knows some big-up people and apparently put his case to them. Thankfully, they quickly intervened and the matter has been resolved.

Within the next week, the money should be there, bills paid and the vehicle available once more.

Pain in the pockets

THE LOW-LEVEL PEOPLE in Wildey took action and suffered the consequences. They felt the pain in their pockets. They got a little stipend weeks afterwards.

Now those who get hefty sums have decided to do the same thing as their lowly brethren.

The big question is this: will any docking take place?

Does anyone in the square have the guts to deduct for the hours in non-productive activity, or is the man at the bottom of the ladder going to get all the licks?

The hope is that the people in solidarity have a real fund and are not thinking about any stipend.

Big production in the making

A WEB OF JOKES is being spun for some interesting commentary to be made public between June and August next year.

It will centre on two small screen stars who are now relaxing, compliments of Evening in The Pine.

The matter has to do with the brownlin and the co-writer who helped to adorn the singing teacher’s production for the big event at the mecca.

The two, without permission from those who bestride the corridors, decided to do their thing all for the failing cause of the I-man.

They were found wanting, and for 28 days and the same number of nights will not gain one cent as they dangle suspended from the ceiling.

All that can be said is, Lord have mercy – not even Jones the cartoon character can stop laughing at what has happened.


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