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PUDDING AND SOUSE: Charting course for solidarity


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THE POUTING PRINCESS will be leading her troops who will be getting fresh air directly from the east this weekend and one young captain has indicated that a clear path forward for the future of solidarity will have to be properly outlined.

The Princess, now sporting a vehicle fit for royalty, will be called upon to determine how to use the best available opportunities as well as the threats facing the legacy of previous heavy rollers.

The Princess will be told to stay close to the core of tradition and forget that has been nothing but a nightmare.

The ole time locking of arms and singing anthems out aloud will no longer be the most important approach on the rock, where small operators are booming. It will be to get those now only hewers of wood and drawers of water a piece of the action at Weymouth, in The Pine and even on the waterfront.

But the young captain doesn’t want a repeat of the disaster in grease on Roebuck Street.

Both the silent one and the woman in white will be represented by their lieutenants all weekend. It is not clear whether the retired four-star general has been invited to even speak to the troops.

Biting off more than he can chew

YOUNG HITLER accused him of forging an employee’s signature and cashing her cheque. Not being one to waste time with his employees and not being one to bother too much about checking the facts, he fired him. He sacrificed one of his most loyal managers with years of experience.

But Young Hitler did not anticipate the legal ramifications. He lost the case. And lost it badly and now he has to pay. Thousands of dollars he must now fork out. Young Hitler, one of the dynamic duo, the one with the wry and dry smile, has bitten off more than he can chew.

P&S has been informed that he did not expect the elder in the family to act so swiftly against him and suspend him for a month. The elder accused him of being a liability to the company. But that’s not the only one he will lose. Other former managers and employees are lining up at the front counter to collect their money also. The next case to be heard, P&S understands, will be lost just as badly with his cheque sealed and tied in a bun.

Letter writer at wits’ end

A MAN who has passed his prime but likes to minister to all and sundry in the form of writing letters and making demands is at his wits’ end.

He wrote some letters and asked that a certain group of overseers be removed. But there is a catch to it. The noisebox wants to see a payday for his own first and foremost before anyone else is paid. And there is more: he has his own group of people lined up to take over the responsibility of doing the consultancy work.

However, the sleeping giant refused to budge. So he is now hopping mad and intends to do a tell-all. But his beans are already spilled and the sleeping giant is already on to his shenanigans.

Looks like he will have to put pen to paper and write some more letters in the near future or pay a personal visit since no response is forthcoming.

Stay tuned.

Trouble brewing in the home

A NON-NATIONAL is wreaking havoc in a home in which he has become the unofficial boss since he has taken the hand of the mother in marriage.

The man, from the land of mud, has locked off the washing machine, leaving children to wash their clothing manually or seek permission to use it when he returns home on evenings from work.

The muguffy-come-lately, who claimed to be paying all bills, was found out to be a stranger to the truth when the rent receipt was opened in his absence and it was discovered that the arrears are in the thousands of dollars and utilities are running a close second.

He swears that he is going to have to put down stiffer rules in the house since one of the children refuses to speak to him on a daily basis.

Residents say the situation is very volatile since his wife appears to be so blinded by affection that she has not been receiving for years that she is oblivious to the rising tide of hostility around her that is set to explode at any minute.


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