Memorial march


THE CADETS OF HARRISON COLLEGE were impressive in a Remembrance Day tribute yesterday.

In the blazing sun, they executed their manoeuvres with professionalism as they marched around the school’s cenotaph in memory of the fallen “Harrisonians” of World War I and II.

Students viewed the parade from vantage points all around the school, including from the windows of surrounding buildings, as four members of the corps held positions at the four points of the cenotaph area while the other members, including the band, took up positions along the perimeter.

The ceremony included a reading of In Flanders Field, a popular World War I poem; hymns, prayers and a scripture reading, as well as songs from the band – The Last Post and The Reveille, and a moment of silence for the fallen.

The principal, head boy and head girl placed the ceremonial poppy wreaths as the hundreds of gathered students watched solemnly, a silent tribute to those lost long ago. (CA)


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