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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Desert fox wants return to pack


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LOOK OUT FOR the return of the local desert fox. He has asked to be reunited with his kith and kin whom he spoke ill of less than 45 months ago.

He was particularly harsh in his condemnation of the cousin who is always smiling and can often be seen in Horse Hill or Cleavers Hill or Branchbury on a Saturday.

This desert fox, who does not aspire to lead any brigade into battle, has proven himself to be a good party crasher. The short man had given orders not to let him past the gate, but the woman in white, whom he adores, has embraced him.

There is one problem for this fox who once roamed The Pine in that the fellow, who can also be seen down in Bathsheba, nor for that matter his friend in Isolation Road, want  absolutely nothing to do with this character. It is not because he has no legacy, but  because of his previous actions.

This wandering fox perhaps knows the view many have of him. So it is not surprising that he is already saying that he wants to confine his roaming this time around to Deacons, The Farm and parts of Black Rock  and  even as far as the UWI. He is not interested in doing any research but rather in seeing if he could chase Peter the money-changer from the area. The fox is already telling friends that he will be chasing the man who so many people like to curse from Brighton straight up into the heart of St Philip.

An old lady in Goodland, who reads palms and makes predictions, warned the local desert fox to make sure he reads the story about his namesake and understand his saga.

Why the lady is a champ

The big talk all last week was that most people were saying in private and public that the lady was more popular than anyone else attending the party in The City. This meant that she could dance first with any partner she so chose, or even dance alone. She could also choose the music and even stop the party.

The only other person in the party people were looking at was that country boy fellow who’s always smiling and while 25 or 35 people raised their hands in support of her, only three or five did the same thing for him.

The lady says that with everybody liking the way she dresses, dances and even sings, this is the time for her to show who is boss. 

That is why she’s going to take full control of the dance and play the music she likes and wants, and all those who don’t like the songs they’re haring, well, they can go and attend the party at Hastings Rocks.

Uneasy times in the east

Things real uneasy in the east these days. Since news broke about the three, four or five girls who are lonely and looking for the right companion, inside or outside of their neighbourhood, life has become difficult for some of the other gals up there.

Some of the guys who spend eight hours a day rubbing shoulders with them, have of recent times become rather nasty. Their remarks are not nice. Some of the girls are fed up with the cat calls, the remarks that they are easy prey for any mate and of their insatiable desires.

Unfortunately, some of the ladies feel that even if they complain, the public should know that once it is highlighted in this column people regardless of rank, status or preferences read this column to know what is going on.

Since news about the fellow with his thong underwear made the rounds, people in the east have been bombarded with questions, but as one senior person has maintained, everything and each and everyone in the east standing or sitting straight.


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