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LOOKA LEW: To pick up or not to pick up


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LISTEN TO ME and listen to me carefully. Any teacher who teaching any of my children, please don’t ever, and I mean everrrrr get it in your mind to think bout punishing them by sending them around the school to pick up garbage.

First thing is, I ain’t send to school my child to walk bout doing sanitation work and secondly, the last time I checked, the guvment was paying janitors out of my tax money to do that.

Now recently, them had a story in the news bout such an event at a school. It is alleged that a teacher first asked a student to pick up a bit of garbage from in the classroom and the child “rudely” refused. The child was then given a punishment of going around the school picking up garbage; the child also refused to do that.

Again, listen to me and listen to me carefully. If my child is rude to any teacher for any reason (whiching I doubt would happen), find a suitable punishment that suits the crime, and if you think it is that serious, report it to the principal and let him or her invite me to the school to deal with the matter, ’cause I don’t condone bad behavior in any form.

Now me as a child, and teacher came in the classroom and asked me to pick up a li’l garbage off the floor, the first thing I would do is to check to see how close it is to me, cause if I sitting in the back and the garbage up front by other students I gine feel that the teacher picking on me, you agree?

Ok, now if it is near me, even though I did not drop it there, chances are I would pick it up, or if I know who drop it there, I would say, “please ma’am, so and so is who drop it there”, and then leave the teacher to deal with so and so.

Now if she insists and say, “Lewis, I ain’t ask you who drop it there, I ask you to pick it up”, I ain’t gine be too happy at all, and I gine say, “but ma’am, that ain’t fair, I tell you so and so is who drop it there, you should tell them to pick it up, I shouldn’t be the person who got to move it”.

And if them still insist that I move it, I liable to grumble but I would pick it up, yeah, and when I get home tell my parents, and then next day, all o’ we gine by the school to meet with the principal and teacher, to find out why I had to pick up somebody’s garbage. Cause you see, even at that age I was smart and knew how this thing does work

You see, I ain’t gine be rude, cause I done know cat luck ain’t dog luck and that I is a li’l knotty hair boy from Black Rock, my father nor mother ain’t no doctor nor lawyer, so of course teacher wouldn’t have a problem in asking me to pick up somebody’s garbage.

And of course if I refuse, them would feel it is ok to give me a pan-cart, a broom and a shovel and punish me by telling me to go around the school and pick up all the garbage, but them ain’t gine risk that with doctor so and so son or daughter, you agree?

Cause you know why? As my granny would always say, “strong wind know where old house live, duppy know who to frighten, and monkey know which branch to jump pun”. See ya.

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