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DEAR CHRISTINE: My boyfriend snores too hard


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Dear Christine,

My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for the past two years and are looking forward to getting married later this year. We have decided that since we will be getting married soon, we will get adjusted to each other’s sleeping habits by spending some time sleeping over at his parents.

My parents are overseas and I live with my sister and her two children. We have never had sex with each other but we discussed this sleeping plan with our respective families and they both agreed. Since we are strong believers in God and know where our boundaries exist, we know we will stick to our moral beliefs.

Everything has worked out so fine, but there is one matter which is annoying. My fiancé has a sleep disorder, which I learnt is known as sleep apnea. He refuses to see a doctor to get this matter dealt with.

I am afraid that something will happen to him. Of course, his parents are aware of his problem, but think he simply snores too hard. His snoring can be heard throughout the house. He holds his breath and jerks around until he can breathe in again. I find this to be scary.

I have been advising him to see the doctor, but he refuses to do so. In fact, he does not believe in seeing doctors “for every little thing”. I do not think this is a little thing and believe he should pay more attention to his health.

What can I do? I am in my mid-20s and I do not want to be a widow anytime soon.

– B.G.

Dear B.G.,

I would imagine that before you two tie the knot, so to speak, that you’ll both visit a doctor for health checks, such as having your blood tested and knowing your chances of reproduction. These are vital going forward into a marriage.

If your fiancé refuses to go to the doctor on his own, I suggest you make an appointment and that both of you go together. He has a serious problem which must be addressed at the earliest. Do not hesitate to make that appointment right away.



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