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MAVIS BECKLES: Evahthing change


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THE OTHER DAY I was listening tuh some people talking ’bout how things in Barbados have changed ovah the years and I had tuh say tuh myself dat when ya think ’bout it, we now live in a whole different Barbados today.

I could remember when anybody could go and complain tuh a parent fuh a child if duh see dat child misbehaving duh selves pon the streets and dat parent would listen tuh you and chastise dat child when it get home.

Another thing is, because you and the parent ain’t pon speaking terms and dem child playing dem passing you and aint speaking, it is licks in duh tail when duh get home.

Dat parent would cut the child tail and leh dem know dat dem aint nuh women nor men ’bout here and tuh try and keep out o’ big people business.

I could remember when sanitation workers used tuh have a broom and a shovel on pon the trucks, not the ones dat duh got printed on pon the side o’ the trucks but the real ones hook on pon the back so dat if any garbage drop out pon the roads, dem could pick it up.

Not nowaday boh, dem broomes and shovels is a thing of the past.

Now, I cahn speak fuh all o’ dem because I see some o’ dem pick up things dat drop already but duh got a woman who does work pon one o’ the trucks and when she collecting dah garbage, if anything at all is tuh miss and drop outta one o’ dem bags, instead o’ just bending down, picking it up and pelting it in the truck wid the rest o’ the garbage, my girl does look at it wid a kinda disdain and then hop on pon the truck and move out. And we talking ’bout littering, hear?

Yet some o’ the very people who does get pay tuh pick it up is the very ones who doan seem tuh care less.

I could remember when people used tuh come around pon a Saturday morning selling sweet potatoes or pickings, what duh used tuh call the very small ones, fuh next kin tuh nutten and the big ones used tuh cost as little as 25 cents a pound.

Nowadays sweet potatoes cost all the way up in $4 a pound. I hear a man saying dat he cahn understand how sweet potatoes could cost summuch money when it is one o’ the crops dat ya doan have tuh do much wid and duh doan cost nuh big lot tuh grow dem, why duh got tuh be suh expensive.

Even a piece o’ lamb; ya cahn even buy a piece o’ local Black Belly lamb nowadays. The thing is more expensive than the one ya getting from New Zealand and Australia and dem kinda places so and ya does see lambs and sheep right here all ’bout the place and cahn afford tuh eat none.

I could remember when ya coulda go in tuh a church during the day, sit down in one o’ the pews and spend a li’l time in solace, talking tuh the Father. Not now, soul.

Ya gotta wait ’til duh got church service fuh the church tuh be open ’cause duh got some people who ain’t got nuh kinda regard fuh the house of the Lord.

Some idiot might walk in the people church and take up the things dat dem ain’t put there or like duh belong tuh dem.

I could remember when parents use tuh insist dat duh children say “yes, please” and “no, please”, or “thank you” or “pardon me”.

I could remember children passing you and saying “good morning” or “good evening”. I remember children saying “fifty cents”, nowadays it is “feee cent”. “Morning” is now “marning”. I could remember “he coming”; today it is, “he keh-ing”.

I doan know boy, but ya gotta ask God fuh grace tuh live in these times, hear? Ya gotta be strong today.

• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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