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Healthier drink choices a must


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With the impact of Government’s sweetened beverage tax unknown, a small producer of fruit juices thinks making healthier drink choices should be emphasised more.

After a successful showing at BMEX last year, small manufacturer Relina Coward is more determined to have children drinking her Healthy Fruit Juices.

“We need to get the sodas out of the schools completely and there are some schools where the principals don’t allow children to bring to school certain drinks and certain snacks,” she said during an interview at this year’s manufacturers’ exposition.

Still concerned about the number of young diabetics, she has been able to increase the number of schools who sell her products from three to 13 but she said even though this is heartening it was challenging.

“As I had told you last year, the numbers are still climbing with the obesity and diabetes in children at a young age, at primary school level. So our product for the kids now is actually to help decrease the amount of sugars they consume with the sodas and bringing the natural kids juices will help but … sodas are cheaper. You get a soda for $1 or a $1.25 however, when the schools buy the juices from me they have to sell it back at a reasonable price for the children to actually buy.

“Most would sell for $2.25 some would sell for $2. Children do buy them. They like the sorrel, lemonade, they like the pineapple, tamarind and golden apple … We sell a lot of sorrel, it is in high demand with the kids,” Coward said.

What the manufacturer will continue to do so is have flavours specifically for children. and she is willing to do more sampling in an effort to get consumers to taste the difference and hopefully make a switch.

“There are at least 15 flavours for the kids. We’ll still package them in a case but what we will do also is we’re changing the label so parents can recognise that it’s actually a kids’ juice. We actually have parents who have been asking, contacting us to where to get the juices from,” Coward said.

“We do deliveries but they can come to us and collect. We want that if they call or if they see our page, or what we advertise on Facebook and they would like to go to a gas station or a supermarket or a shop to they can do so and buy a couple instead of a case.” 


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