OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Pays to listen sometimes


When the angels went away from them into heaven, the shepherds said to one another “Let us go over to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has made known to us”.– Luke 2: 15.

I WAS GLAD THAT WE – Den Den and I – attended the carol recital at St Mary’s Anglican Church, Bridgetown, on Sunday by The St Mary’s Augmented Choir, along with the Central Bank Choir, the Sunday school and The Royal Barbados Police Force Band.

To be honest I had no intention of going after I found myself preparing a sermon on Saturday evening (Old Year’s) and getting out of bed early Sunday morning (New Year), because I was the preacher and co-celebrant at the 8 a.m. sung Eucharist at St Mary’s.

But on our way back home from Mass, Den Den said to me, “Let us return in the evening to the recital.” It is good to listen to a woman sometimes, but not all the time.

In my case, it was worth the listening, and I was very glad. Because I remember Julius Caesar refused to listen to his wife Calpurnia and paid the prize with his life.

The recital was of a very high standard and the members of the Sunday school created history for it was the very first that the department ever took part in the recital.

I was very impressed with the two aspects of the evening’s performance. It was very nice to see the boys from the Sunday school (who could be between the ages of eight and ten) dressed in their white shirts, black pants, red bow ties and braces (suspenders), the same way as the male choir members were dressed. And to see how disciplined the members from the band were.

Each member walked with their chairs, stands and instruments, and they set everything for the band conductor, Senior Superintendent Keith Ellis. All he did was to take up his position at the right time and conduct the band.

That was a good sign, for today the juniors look after the boss, knowing quite well that they will be bosses in waiting. Do unto others as you would like them do unto you.

Congratulations are to the conductor, Victor Pilgrim, Junior Folkes, who was at the organ, to the band and leader, choirs and the Sunday school.

Organist needed

The All Saints Anglican Church in St Peter needs an organist. Applications in writing should be sent to the rector Rev Selven Lowe, All Saints Church, Pleasant Hall, St Peter. Applications will close on January 30.


The All Saints Church Army will be holding a month- long revival every Tuesday night during the month of February. It will be held at the Training Centre opposite the Trimart Supermarket.

Epiphany service

An Epiphany carol service will be held by the St Michael’s Cathedral Choir with John Bryan (organist and choirmaster) on Sunday, January 22 at 6 p.m. at the St Michael’s Cathedral.


The Whitepark Wesleyan Holiness Church is offering general interest courses commencing on Monday, January 16. For more information, please call 426-6756.


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