FLYING FISH & COU COU: Too much time away from post


IT APPEARS GOVERNMENT is paying a woman for doing a particular full-time job that she seems only to be doing part-time.

Cou Cou has been reliably informed that a former political neophyte now works with a controversial politico to service the needs of the voters in a particular constituency. And this position and the building the work should be done in are both generously paid for each month out of the Treasury.

However, the office this person is supposed to be working in on a daily basis is closed more often than open on any given week day. At the same time, the individual can be found daily in the professional office of the politico.

Some constituents who sought to have matters in their neighbourhood attended to without success have begun asking whether this means they must leave the southern constituency to travel to the parliamentary representative’s office on the outskirts of The City to get their matters dealt with.

One told Cou Cou getting things done in the constituency is like pulling teeth and they are fed up.

In the interim, someone aware of the former politician’s new role and the fact that Government pays the individual took pictures of the person in the professional office of the parliamentary representative.

What they plan to do with the pictures, Cou Cou does not know. For sure though, if those pictures are released the MP would have to explain why the person who is supposedly being paid to work on a daily basis in their constituency is not there consistently, but can easily be found in the MP’s office near The City instead.

Headache hole

THE POTHOLE BLUES are seemingly affecting even the staunchest of Government supporters as they too are complaining about the numerous pits in the public roads to be fixed.

In one St Michael constituency WhatsApp group, supporters pointedly told their second term MP to get something done about the potholes as the situation was getting progressively worse.

“BTW, ask Michael [Lashley, Minister of Transport and Works] to fix that huge pothole in front of the constituency office, it’s getting bigger,” said one.

“The potholes are a serious issue especially on . . . main road,” said another.                       

“And what about the holes in . . .,” said one more constituent. “Trying to dodge is useless. They already had hot mix for the year and in bad need of repair,” the individual added.                      

“Everyone is speaking about the holes in front of the [constituency] office – what about the holes near the traffic lights,” another chimed in.

The MP jumped in to reassure all that he was trying to do something about the situation and said he had already spoken to the MTW supervisor for the area.

The MP wrote last Saturday: “I went to the . . . depot last week Friday and called again on Wednesday. I brought the issue of the potholes to his attention especially the one along . . . Rd from the office. He said that he had no truck available and hot mix was also a problem. He promised to find a solution and have it dealt with. I will call the depot again on Tuesday and the PS in MTW to force a rectification of the matter.”

From what Cou Cou was told the hole in front the office had not been repaired up to a few days ago. Maybe, the depot still has no truck or hot mix.


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