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MAVIS BECKLES: Praying for St Vincent families


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I AM SURE dat most people have read the comic strips with Dennis the Menace and know dat wherevah Dennis is, some kinda mischief, something other than the norm, gine be going on and wha’evah it is, it gine upset a lot o’ people. Well, dat is who Donald Trump reminds me of.

The man got all kind o’ people upset and the thing is, he gine long like nuhbody’s business. From the time the man was elected or as a matter o’ fact, during the election campaign he was stirring up all kinds o’ anxiety and fear in some people.

All like now so, this refugee ban got all sorts o’ people in bare trouble and the man ain’t even look like he bothered.

A friend o’ mine was telling me ’bout a young professor in the states who is from one o’ dem countries dat Donald Trump got a ban pon and who live and work in the states fuh years. She say dat the body study in the states and now got duh big job, duh home, status and evahthing.

She say dat the person left and went home fuh a li’l vacation wid duh family and now dat he ready tuh come back tuh where he now knows as home, lo and behold he butt up pon this ban thing and cahn get back tuh his home or job.

Well, I hope by now the body get back tuh duh work ’cause I read a article dat say on Sunday gone how duh loosened a restriction on legal permanent residents of the United States, also known as green card holders from the same seven countries. Look, I done wid dah, boh.

I really ain’t able tuh take on Trump and he foolishness. He is the big boy now, he is the president of the United States of America and he gine do wha’ he want tuh do, as he like, but not as long as he like. That is always the case.

Lemmuh talk ’bout something dat is home and closer tuh muh heart like the families o’ the young people who lost duh lives last Sunday morning barely hours away from dem getting on pon a plane and heading back home tuh duh families and friends in St Vincent.

Ya know when sad things happen some people would come up tuh you and say, I know how you feel. but I know dat there is no way anybody could go up tuh any one o’ dem children parents and say I know how you feel ’cause this ain’t just something dat does happen evah day.

Dem ain’t children who was out there feting and carrying on; I think duh say it was a farewell party. Wid the exception of the bajan boy who was the driver and who duh say works at the hotel dat these teenagers were assigned tuh, dem is children who left duh home and families in December, I think duh say before Christmas too, tuh get li’l experience in a hotel in Barbados, like a lot o’ students does do. I think it is called internship.

Now look wha’ could happen. Ya could only imagine families getting ready tuh head tuh the airport tuh collect duh children only tuh get this kinda news. As a parent I ain’t know how I would take it.

But I just pray dat God will give these families wha’evah duh will need tuh get dem through this terrible period. I ain’t hear ’bout the others but I also pray dat they will pull through and recover tuh continue and complete what they set out tuh do.

• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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