Thursday, April 25, 2024

Whites will rule political roost


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RECENTLY, THERE HAS BEEN a lot of denial of the survival of a third political party in Barbados.

As usual, the ignorant, brainwashed, misguided massesare the loudest protesters, ledby the elitist class to take bread out of their own mouths by constantly protesting and demanding pay increases by the unions for non-productivity and inefficiency; with the belief that if they do not produce and disgrace this Government and promote the Opposition, the hardships we’re experiencing will not affect them.

The reason I know this third party will be successful and will also be the party to defeat the Dems is the psyche of the “poor black man/woman”, which is that the elitist and planter classes are superior to them and what Massa says (whether white or brown-skinned) is the best thing for them because:

 (1) The party consists of business people which will be mostly white and those who do not believe they are black.

(2) They have given the Blacks50 years to manage things and they’ve made a mess, and so it’s time to take back their country, because this Government has not included white people in its celebrations, which upset so much that Ralph “Bizzy” Williams had to come out and say how hurt he was at being neglected.

Bizzy can now understand what we and our foreparents have suffered for 300-plus years under some of the most inhumane conditions and are still suffering, especially by the elitist Blacks.

As a poor black woman, my family, like many others, could scarcely afford the $1 200 per term at a private secondary school, which catered to our education; but our headmaster taught us to be independent thinkers, reach for excellence and be the best at whatever job we chose to do.

Most of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) members will join [the third party], including the leaders, since they are divided now. Only a few disgruntled wannabe Dems will be accepted and the remainder of the BLP will continue as the minor opposition since the Dems, being the Government, will be the official opposition.

As a result:

1) There will be no further gutter politics or character assassinations.

2) All laws when passed will be sustained without question on call-in programmes or protests from any unions having a vendetta.

3) There will be no need for polls.

4) We will have good roads.

5) Transportation will be controlled, taking children to and from school on time.

6) The ZRs will undergo a revolution of dress and behaviour and no police will be needed in the bus stand. There will be law and order in the country.

7) The water restrictions introduced by Owen Arthur and now being revived with such vehement criticisms will be adhered to.

All these things will happen. Why? Because Barbados will be governed by sensible white people once again. Watch it.



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