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Dedicated school bus service appeal


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Independent Senator Alwyn Adams has appealed for a dedicated school bus service to shield children from the negative effects of theZR culture.

“There is no doubt that students should be travelling to and from school in a safe and quiet and civilised atmosphere, and it is not beyond us in this country to be able to do that,” Adams said yesterday, in his contribution to Senate debate on the Road Traffic AmendmentBill 2017.

The retired school principal said based on his previous experience leading a school, he was aware the exposure of the students to ZRs and minibuses “was very damaging” to their psychological make-up, affected their abilityto learn and exposed them to “some of the most vulgar behaviour.”

He maintained children ought not to be “abandoned” to that type of behaviour. “It is really unfair to the children, and then expect them to behave like angels,”he said.

“We believe that intervention is necessary. We should not throw our hands in the air and say we cannot do anything, nor should we act haphazardly.”

Referring to the many reports of negative behaviour currently exhibited by schoolchildren, Adams said: “What we need to admit is that we have not taken the measures that would bring it under control and in order to do that, we have to have a broad-based discussion with the relevant authorities and bring them together and get them to understand that we cannot expect our young people to behave well in school when they are exposed to this level of disgusting behaviour and it becomes ingrained in their psyche.”

The retired principal of Coleridge & Parry added: “we ought to go back to the drawing board and rescue them.”

Expressing support for the Bill, Adams described it as a step in the right direction, though he noted” it has come a bit late.” 

 Yet he observed there were areas where it could be improved. Agreeing with the provision made for punishment for littering, he suggested consideration should also have been given to the problem of vehicle emissions since he observed there were so many people in Barbados suffering from respiratory conditions.

Adams also said specifications set out inthe Bill for motor omnibuses “ought to be pointed out” so that the general public could know when they are not followed and what are the penalties. (GC)


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