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Chilly nights to run into New Year


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If you were one of those Barbadians who has been snuggling up more at night over the past weeks, you are feeling the cold from up north.

According to officials at the Barbados Meteorological Services, December was extra chilly by local standards. That might not be a surprise given that it is winter, and today – New Years Day – is expected to be one of the coldest ever recorded.

Based on the information coming out of the meteorological office, the lowest temperature last month was recorded at Wakefield, St George at 17.2°C in comparison to the coldest temperature recorded locally at the Caribbean Institute For Meteorology And Hydrology at Husbands, St James, 15.1 °C some years ago.

It seems St George residents felt the drop in temperature most as the DAILY NATION discovered when we visited the peaks and valleys of that rural parish yesterday. 

Even around 3 p.m. yesterday the high winds were biting, as the skies were overcast and outside was damp after a downpour of rain.

To combat the high winds, Ron Singh of nearby Free Hill said he felt this December was the coldest. He said he quite enjoys the coolness, but he ensures his grandson is properly attired when he takes him outside.

“I make sure I put on his hoodie and enjoy the weather. The rain makes it colder but I love the rain too,” he said.

Both Muriel Thorne and Shallene “Pookie” Francis of Salisbury, St George said the low temperature was nothing new.

Francis, whose Angels of Beauty salon is situated in the hills, said she does not need air conditioning because of the natural breeze. “Sometimes customers get really cold, they even ask me to turn off the fans but it doesn’t bother me,” she said.

Meteorologist Wayne McGeary said similar conditions could be expected to continue.

“Leading up to that time we really don’t expect or anticipate that things will change . . . it is quite possible that we may experience something colder than what we experienced on that specific date,” the meteorologist said yesterday.

Though he said colder weather in December was nothing new, temperatures such as the one recorded in St George were expected during the early months of the year.

“That is not a very usual situation for this time of the year; we tend to get the colder temperatures around next year [February] into the peak of the winter season.

“Although we don’t get winter here we can experience some winter temperatures. of course, that would have an impact here and with the winter being expected to be colder than normal that is expected,” he explained.

McGeary also said the rains and overcast skies experienced yesterday could drift into today.

“We have some moisture being pulled from the South across our area . . . so there is the chance cloudiness will remain showers into [last night], and light rains are possible,” McGeary said. (TG)


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