PM: Politics and church linked


Politics and the church are on the same path.

That assertion came from Prime Minister Freundel Stuart as he delivered remarks at the New Testament Church Of God 100th Anniversary Awards Ceremony at Hilton Barbados Resort on Friday.

“I’ve always contended that there is an inseparable link and should be an inseparable link between politics and church,” Stuart said as he addressed the scores of people gathered.

“As long as we have people who are captives, as long as we have people who are blind . . . as long as we have people who are bruised, the mission of the church and the mission of the politics coincide,” he added.

Just one week ago, clergymen and politicians Bishop Joseph Atherley and Senator Dr David Durant said they had no problem with the link between the church and politics.

As he praised the New Testament Church Of God for the work done over its 100 years of existence,  Stuart spoke of the efforts to help those in need which coincided with what successive Governments of Barbados tried to do.

As he spoke briefly of the church’s difficult beginnings, the Prime Minister said he believed the New Testament Church Of God stood ready to tackle any modern challenges due to their experiences.

“ . . . I want to assure you that any respect which the State can be of any assistance to the church in its efforts to meet the challenges of 21st century Barbados, the Government stands ready, directly to the extent of its capacities,” he added. (AD)


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