King urges voters to support BLP


The task at hand is getting out to the polls and voting the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) into office.

Candidate for St Philip West John King told the large crowd gathered at the BLP meeting at Lodge Road, Christ Church on Tuesday night that they have “a task on their hands”. 

“It is not a difficult one but it is a very important one because the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and Mia Amor Mottley cannot do this by ourselves.  We can tell you about all the great things that we can do… but the truth is unless you go to the polls and vote in your numbers everything that we have promised you in our manifesto, on these platforms when we were rubbing shoulders would be nothing but pure talk.” King said.

He said that Barbados could not afford five more years of the Freundel Stuart-led Democratic Labour Party administration. He encouraged those eligible to vote to make sure they told their friends, work colleagues, neighbours and family members that the current election was too important to say they were going to stay home or were undecided. 

“What is there to be undecided about?  None of you have ever seen life so difficult in Barbados, ever,” King said.

He was among several candidates for the BLP who took the stage to drum up support for Christ Church West Central candidate Adrian Forde.

Meanwhile, Christ Church East Central’s Ryan Straughn also encouraged the crowd to go out and vote for the candidates for the BLP.

The economist said the economy had seen its worse time in the last five years and many people were feeling it. 

He said with the BLP at the helm, everyone had an opportunity, not a special few. 

“The reason the economy always works best under the BLP is because our policies are designed to make sure that our households are resilient, that young people can leave school and get jobs, good paying jobs to help support their families,” Straughn said.  (LK)


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