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FULL STORY: Bajans arrested in US released


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Two Barbadian men who had been arrested in Florida are back home.

Calvin Brathwaite, 34, of Montrose, Christ Church, and Dyson Benskin, 33, were reportedly staying, according to reports on Local 10 News, at the Hyatt Place in Southwest, Florida, when a member of the housekeeping staff smelled a strong odour of marijuana coming from a room and notified management. 

A large amount of marijuana in bags was on the floor and a table. The Broward Sherriff’s Office was called in, and while waiting for a search warrant, the men returned and were taken into custody.

Their attorney Ralph Thorne QC, said the men had since been released and arrived home Tuesday.

“They have not been charged with any offence. As far as we are aware, they have been released without any condition. That is the status at present. I know you would be curious as to what transpired, and I should tell you in fairness that they happened to be in a room that was adjoining another room in which the contraband was located. Really, a terrible coincidence and a terrible error if one wants to put it like that. The error being that they were detained, because they happened to be in a room next door that contained cannabis,” he said, adding that the men were detained for a period while investigations were ongoing in the United States. 

Thorne said that based on information he received, other persons were held in relation to the matter.

“They don’t know what has happened to those other persons. It is believed that those other persons are Americans; I don’t know, they don’t know for sure, but they have been released and they returned to Barbados on Tuesday,” he said.

Pressed about the information released by Local 10 News, Thorne said he could not say if any of that information was true. He made it clear he was speaking under the direction of his clients.

“In my professional judgement, if what you had read to me had occurred, trust me, they would not be in Barbados now. That is clear evidence of possession, and if you have evidence of possession, there is no way they would have walked through Miami Airport and come back.

“But I am not here to judge. They have asked me to give representation in terms of procuring the injury that has occurred to their reputation, and to say that they have been arrested and they were released and allowed to come back to Barbados. And as far as they are aware, there is nothing further pending against them in the United States,” he said.

Asked if the men were able to return to the United States, Thorne said he was unsure and would have to enquire further.  

According to an arrest affidavit, Brathwaite and Benskin said they flew to the US for a three-day vacation. 

Attempts to locate Brathwaite, who lived at Montrose, Christ Church were unsuccessful. However, the whereabouts of Benskin could not be traced. (RA)


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