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Youth advised: Stop and think


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GOVERNOR GENERAL DAME SANDRA MASON laughing at one of Gileon Carrington’s

many jokes yesterday. (Picture by Reco Moore.)

THE ISLAND’S LATEST CENTENARIAN is pleading with young people to think twice before they get involved in criminal activity.

Gileon Carrington, of Crab Hill, St Lucy, lives a stone’s throw away from the scene of a shooting death last year, and yesterday during his birthday celebrations, he urged the youth to pause before they acted.

“The fellows that can’t think want to blow up and kill out your whole family,” he said. “And when you talk to them, they tell you, ‘Oh, that was in your day’, but when the police got them lock up to go court, they using kerchief and covering up their faces ’cause they shame and don’t want to be seen.”

Carrington added: “And they don’t have any respect for people nowadays . . . . They don’t even have many people going to church now, especially the young ones . . . . But it’s also the parent; you’re getting a pair of parents that are 15 or 16 and immature.”

When asked what he would like to see done about the violence in Barbados, the centenarian said it had gotten so out of control that it would take divine intervention for it to cease.

Former fisherman

The former fisherman and School Meals Department worker, who also worked at St Clement’s Training Centre, was the man of the moment in his village. Governor General Dame Sandra Mason was in attendance as friends, neighbours and relatives gathered at his house to congratulate him on his milestone.

It was evident that Carrington is normally a dapperly-attired man. He was well dressed in a light blue suit and dark blue shirt, white tie patterned with different shades of blue and a white pocket handkerchief.

He had everyone, including Dame Sandra, laughing their hearts out during the celebration as he talked about his schooling and childhood.

The bubbly and high-spirited man said he was 100 not out, and his age did not limit him from doing as he wished. He catches the bus at least two days a week to buy groceries and visits his friends and family in Black Rock, St Michael.

When asked what he felt contributed to his longevity, he said: “Minding my business.”

He added: “People always fretting at everything but you need to stop worrying. You should mind your own business. Everything that your two eyes see, you don’t need to make a comment. And you should listen before you give a reply.”

Carrington never married or had children. He said the only ailment he had was a bad right knee.

His favourite food is stewed potato and fish.

Carrington, who attended Selah Primary School, is not the only person in his family to live a long life. His mother Gladys Griffith lived to age 92.

Another special function will be held in his honour at Alexandra School this weekend. (SB)


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