COVID-19 update for July 14


Tests identified another 217 new cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Barbados.

Health authorities said 95 males and 122 females from the 721 tests carried out by the Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory on Thursday, July 14.

Of the positive cases, 48 people were under the age of 18, and the remainder were 18 years and older.

There were 34 people in isolation facilities, while 1 882 were in home isolation.

Under the national vaccination programme for COVID-19, the total number of people with at least one dose is 162 800 (71.3 per cent of the eligible population).

The total number of fully vaccinated people is 153 782 (56.7 per cent of the total population or 67.3 per cent of the eligible population).

The eligible population represents people who are 12 years and older.



  1. This list looks good. I would wish to make a plug for the growing number of persons suffering from Gluten intolerances and celiac. Wheat and gluten are found in a significant number of products across the board of basic breakfast, lunch and dinner items. The alternatives were always high but now they are becoming astronomical and unaffordable! These persons have a challenging life and need consideration in these types of policies. After all, like everyone else, they have to eat every day!


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