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Parents: Knock down the old building


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Less than two weeks before the start of the Michaelmas Term, some parents of students who attend Hindsbury Primary School are wondering why a dilapidated building located opposite in Hindsbury Road, St Michael, has not been demolished.

For years, school staff and parents have been complaining about the building which is overgrown with bush and which they say is now occupied by vagrants and drug addicts. They include some homeless people who have moved from the Treasury Building in Bridgetown over to Hindsbury Road.

Their fears were heightened following an incident last term where a vagrant flashed himself at a parent and her young daughter, which prompted complaints to police and the Child Care Board.

Concerned parents told the Weekend Nation that even with that situation which led to an investigation and repeated calls for the building to be demolished, they were surprised nothing has happened as yet.

“We were told that the building had been condemned and would be finally demolished before the beginning of the term on September 18, but to date that building is still there. You can walk out of the school gate and walk five feet into the building. We are very concerned for the safety of our children bearing in mind that this is an all-girls school. A lot of vagrants and ‘paros’ hang out in there. Are they waiting for someone to drag one of these girls in there before action is taken?” a parent asked.

An official associated with the school said they were informed Government had no funds as yet to demolish the old building which has been unoccupied for several years.

“Officers from the Ministry of Health have visited the area and looked at the building. It is an eyesore and a rat haven and now it is occupied by vagrants and ‘paros’, including eight young boys. This is an all-girls school and we have to look after the safety of the students. Government should not allow this building to remain here in such close proximity to a school,” the official said. (MB)


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