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DEAR CHRISTINE – Taking a chance on long-distance love


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Dear Christine,
HOW ARE YOU DOING? I hope well, and may God bless you.
Christine, my situation is this. I am living in the United States for the time being. I try to come home every year to visit my mother.
I am in my 50s and not married anymore. I was divorced nearly ten years now. I haven’t met anyone and not looking, but I would like to have someone nice and loving in my life one of these days, before I am too old to do anything in my life.
I met an old school flame of mine from some 30 years ago, when I visited home this year.
He always liked me but I never took notice of him, and then again my mother would not let me talk to anyone, while I was going to school.
He took me out and showed me a wonderful time, and said that he still had feelings for me and that he loved me.
I told him that I loved him too, because I really did when I was going to school.
He told me that he visited my mother and asked her for me.
She told him that I had just left for the US. He also asked my brother for me, who told him I was married.
He said he would like to keep our love burning because he knows what a nice person I am, and it hurts not to be able to touch me. He promises when I come back to Barbados the only person that will get his loving is me.
Christine, until my return do you think a long distance relationship at this time can work?
– TY
Dear TY:
I DON’T SEE any reason why not. You’re free and I presume he is. He cared for you way back in your school days and on your last visit to Barbados you declared your love for each other.
I hope apart from the loving he promises to keep for only you, it will also be the foundation of a loving togetherness which you’ll share in marriage. I see no reason if you’re both in love why it shouldn’t be a very happy union. I wish you all the best.


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