MONDAY MAN – Greaves a man of ministry


LOUIS GREAVES, 57, is very passionate about his involvement in the church and helping youth.This Checker Hall, St Lucy resident tries to help others and get them involved in the development of his community but from a “church level”.
For four years Greaves has led the Community Services Department in the Checker Hall Seventh-Day Adventist Church. He also serves as prison ministry’s leader for two years.
“I am involved from a church level. As the leader of community services in the church, I go about setting dates for us to go to the district hospital and nursing homes. We try to get to the St Lucy district hospital at least twice per year and the geriatric hospital in St Michael . . .
“I also try to get a group to go at least once per month to the prison. I am glad to be involved in these types of services,” he noted.
Greaves said he was very concerned about the youth in the community and he was very instrumental in setting up a new programme in March this year.
“I have been a part of that congregation for my entire 57 years. We put a programme in place where we had a former magistrate, a lawyer, a prison warden and an education officer come to our church and we had a good interaction for that programme called Save Our Youth. A lot of people said it was very informative,” said Greaves.
He said he also arranged blood pressure and cholesterol checks for people in the community at least twice for the year.
“We also have family life programmes and health programmes . . . all this come under community, which I am responsible for.
“If there is a need in the area where a house is destroyed by fire, we give the person assistance [in the form of] clothes, food, etc. And we see to it that they get back on their feet again.
“I also organise a prayer group to go to the hospital. So there are several activities,” said the father of three.
Greaves, who is a building contractor, said he also tried to help persons by offering them houses for rent at a “low rate”.
“The Bible say we are our brother’s keepers. Also in my line of business, I cater for people who need shelter. I offer a very low rate and put some of the houses in Government’s hand. So in all aspects I try to do what I can to help the community,” he said.
Greaves attended the St Lucy Primary School and the Seventh Day Adventist Secondary School. He said he started out as an electrician.
He was born in Checker Hall and lived there all his life. Greaves said he came from humble beginnings and that was what gave him the motivation to do good at all times.
“I came from a poor home and that is what motivates me… Checker Hall is where I came from and where the Lord placed me. I look down on no person, I try to help everybody up to a good level,” he said.
Greaves said the most challenging part of ministering was getting the youths to attend programmes they set up.
“In everything there is a challenge. The most challenging part for me is anytime you put a programme in motion you would like to see the community come out and assist you. Most times who we want to come would not and that is the youth. We target really the youth but most people who come out and support our programme are the older folks.”
He said he used the opportunity to look at the “social side” of things for the community.
“The SDA have a very good rapport with people in the community. We have programmes to go on tours, visiting caves, we go to the beach, we do debate, all these things we invite persons from the community.
“We also have people from other countries that come out and showcase their culture. Sometimes we try to put other programmes in place with other departments of the church and help people to be interactive in sports in the community.”
While Greaves was happy about all that he was able to do to assist, he said he did not like to talk about it “too much”.
“There are a lot of things that we do and I think the Lord do not like us talking about it,” he said.
When he is not working for the Lord or building, Greaves said he could be found resting. He also finds time to interact with members of his neighbourhood.
“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and then all things you want in life will follow. Stay away from illegal drugs and prison. God always comes through on his promises,” Greaves added.


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