Wednesday, April 17, 2024

MARKET VENDOR: ‘Disinsecting’ planes and disinfecting


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IT WAS A SUNDAY to remember, this one just gone as “England got Muellered” and Mexico was “Messi”. Yes I got the virus called World Cup and confess that though both Germany and Argentina played the best football, I am shocked that an England goal was disallowed and the first from Argentina, clearly from an off side player, was allowed. Why FIFA resisting the use of technology is beyond me and you know the British gwine mek them see hell on this one and rightly so. It is unsportsmanlike and affects the mental state of the aggrieved team as it was with Mexico. But I really don’t understand all this kissing business between sweaty men, Maradona could left out that foolishness fuh me. Well, two weeks ago when the vendor was stranded in Curacao due to the illness that had stricken the LIAT pilots, I thought it would tek the same 3 million years fuh me to get back to the rock, thankfully it only tek me 2 extra days. Whichin brings me to a little beef or two I have with LIAT, not the staff, nor the pilots, but the people who making the rules. Every time the plane take off from one place, wunnah does spray de plane with some sort of insecticide that the health authorities require, and to make me feel comfortable the nice young ladies doing the spraying does tell yuh that it ain’t harmful to human beings! How them know that? Them is scientists? them carry out tests over a period of time using human beings as guinea pigs to come to that conclusion? Wunnah want me to believe that it only harmful to insects? Are we not all related? I does hear women tell men all the time that them is insects, I hear men get call cockroach, Satapee (centipede), bug (type unspecified), grasshopper! How come the spray will kill insects but be totally harmless to human beings? And if the authorities want the planes sprayed before it land in their country, let them go and spray the plane themselves before we the passengers or any staff get on board. But you don’t see no authorities on these planes! Come to think of it, we could agree to ignore the regulation, who would remember anyway! I mean to say when you spray your house or insects do you stay in it? Most right thinking people I know does lock up the house, pelt the spray all over the place while holding yuh nose and run out the house for an hour or two and those that could afford Rentokil would confirm that the Rentokil staff does wear masks to protect themselves when they spraying but we must sit like zombies and take in insecticide becausing the authorities say the plane must be sprayed. And how come in this day and age of health standards the LIAT authorities do not provide water in the bathrooms to wash your hands, instead they provide disposable napkins to wipe your hands. You mean it tell me the authorities accept that? Water and soap people, that is what we need and not just ordinary soap, anti bacterial soap. Imagine you pun a flight from GT to BT, over an hour long and you have “to go” and when you done you pressing no water in the tap! Poor me I was pun a LIAT flight fuh 2 hours from Trinidad to Curacao and I did want to go real bad, but I hold on and on till I land cause there is no water in the bathrooms of LIAT planes. Head office, wunnah got water in the bathrooms or wet napkins? Why wunnah don’t save the water and use them, why because that is nastiness! I does wash me hands so much that all now muh hands rough like coral stone and wunnah giving me moistened napkins? Try and put some water in the toilets please.Anyway LIAT, thanks for the snacks and drinks on the flight to Curacao, two hours and wunnah feeding people and big able airlines got people pun planes for three or more hours and not even a lil’ hot water to break the air.I market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and wonderful day, yuh hear!


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