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Couple’s love tango


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Shelly Alleyne is in the marketing field. Glenford Defreitas is in sales. Their paths would often cross as they went about their work. Little did they know their lives would intertwine in a bigger way.Glenford was heavily into dancing and did so competitively for Jahbulani Dance Club.  Shelly, having a little time on her hands, decided to get involved in a pastime and went to Jahbulani for lessons.“Both of us basically knew each other from a long time, but we never really spoke. We never knew each other to that extent. We are both from Christ Church, but it was at the dance club that I really met Glen,” reminisced Shelly.The two have been involved with each other for the past year, having danced with each other for three years before starting a romantic relationship.And the best part of dancing for this couple is when they are on the dance floor and having a moment of enjoyment in each other’s arms.Although they are both considered amateurs, Defreitas has been dancing for more than ten years and is now at the advanced level while Shelly has been dancing for the past four years. According to Defreitas, they just started talking one evening after dance practice and then their relationship “grew” from there on.   “After practice at nights we would just talk to each other about dancing and other things. We just grew to like and love each other. Actually, I think that is what joined us together. The fact that we do the same things that each of us like,” added Alleyne, who described herself as mouthy.   Being involved in a relationship and also dancing together was never always smooth sailing for this couple. In fact, Alleyne said they both had to learn how to adapt to each other’s dancing styles and patterns.   “It has been hard dancing as partners and relationship-wise. We don’t always see eye to eye about what is to be done on the dance floor, so sometimes we argue. In the first couple of months it was harder than now. I think we are growing past that stage but it was basically new for me,” admitted Alleyne. During their first year as sweethearts, the couple have been involved in over six major competitions and boast lots of medals for their efforts, including one for first place.    They have been to the mecca of ballroom dance – Champions of Tommorrow 2010 in Blackpool, England and placed second in the category Latin Under 35 Intermediate.Defreitas said his partner was “a person with a good heart and she means well”. He said although they don’t always see things in the same light, they would “resolve things in an amicable way”.“It is difficult sometimes because as a man in the dance world we are told most of the times that we have to lead; but I believe she wants to be leader as well,” said Defreitas, smiling.But where do Defreitas and Alleyne get their motivation from?For Defreitas, motivation comes from the fact that he gets to compete and he is always seeking to “improve” on what he already knows. He said that from the time he was a child growing up he loved to be involved in competitions and that was what gave him the motivation to go on.“For me, my motivation is the fact that I just love to dance and that is what pushes me to go on,” said Alleyne, noting that she had no prior experience before she joined the club.They both admire European ballroom dance partners Anna Melnikova and Slavik Kryklyvyy.When asked about marriage, the couple said there were no plans to tie the knot soon but they had definitely thought about it.“Even though we talk about it planning to do it now is still difficult. We are still trying to balance the relationship with dancing,” said Defreitas, who has a ten-year-old daughter.When this dancing couple is not on the dance floor or at work, they are out “liming” or spending lots of time on the beach and with their families. Defrietas enjoys most ball games while his partner likes to use the computer.“I think dancing is a good ambition and it teaches a lot of discipline. You can’t go wrong. It has its health benefits and reduces stress level. I would tell young people to go for it. I think in the next ten years or so dancing in Barbados is going to get really big. We have a lot of people going overseas now and really doing well,” Alleyne said.The ballroom and latin dance couple said they would love to reach “the highest level”. “We would love to get as far as we can before we decide to call it a day,” added Alleyne, noting that they watch as many dancing competitions as possible.

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