Weather reports falling short


ON SATURDAY, July 17, it rained off and on, not only in St Michael but from the heavy, dark clouds, all over the island.

It must have rained here and there, from time to time, most of the day. Certainly it did so in St Michael.

The weather news on CBC TV reported no rainfall (in Barbados) at the Grantley Adams International Airport.

Must we continue to suffer from this poor performance by the weather bureau? It is common knowledge that many plantations all over the island continue to keep rainfall data.

The Weather Bureau can access this information with planning and a telephone call.

They are supposed to have both of these facilities! Then they could, if they choose, give rainfall data for several closer locations and/or calculate an average figure which I’m sure they know how to do.

Is it too difficult to do this?It is silly to report no rainfall at the airport and assume that represents Barbados. Nonsense!



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