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Super Lotto players tell of their winning dream


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What would you do with over $9 million during this ongoing recessionary period?The Caribbean Super Lotto, which started at $4 million, has more than doubled since its introduction in September last year, and at Thursday stood at $9 980 000.Is it just a dream or will it ever be won?The SATURDAY SUn asked a few people about their thoughts on the Super Lotto and what they would do if they were to become a “Super Millionaire” by purchasing a ticket for $5.Monica Corbin, 56, of St Michael, said it was only a way for the lottery company to make money. She said the Super Lotto was not for the people, but at the same time thinks it was not only a dream.“It is a big hype. The odds are not for the people since no one has won since it started but I think it will be won after it has run its course – after they make enough money from it.”She added: “If I win that ($9 980 000) I would first jump up for joy. I would build a family home and open a large amusement park because Barbados is summer all-year-round. Plus we have a lot of CARICOM visitors and tourists coming here. It would be a good thing and it would help to create a lot of jobs,” she said.Although patrons were recently given more ways to win the Super Lotto, 27-year-old Kevon Harris said he would have to wait a while longer to see if anyone would be lucky.Harris said if he were to hit the jackpot, he would take a six-month world tour, return to Barbados and open a business and “help out” his family.Expressing a different view, St Andrew resident Gregory Carrington said he believed someone would win it, but “it is taking too long”.“I expect it to go that long for them to make money from it, but I think it is too drawn-out . . . [If I won] I would first open a business, build a house, then take a trip with my daughter,” said the 27-year-old.Angela Skeete, a St John resident, also said she would build a house if she were to win the Super Lotto, adding that she would “invest the rest”. Skeete however, believes that it would be won by someone who did not “need it”.“I would like to win it. The merchants are making all the money and no one is winning it. I believe that if it is won, it will go back in the company,” said Skeete.Sharing a similar view to that of Skeete was 31-year-old Stacy Prescod, of St Philip.“[The Super Lotto] is a good thing, but no one is winning. [The lottery company] is making all the money. I think more than one person will win it, though,” she said.“If I win that money, I would clear all my debts and make sure they are not there again. I would take care of myself,” Prescod added.Sharon Thompson, who occasionally buys a ticket, said she believed the more than $9 million would be won by more than one person and she would love to be one of them.“I think someone should win it because it is running too long without a jackpot winner. The St George resident said: “If I win, I would build a house, pay off my bills and give some to charity.”


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