The good of festival fare


EVERY TIME some organisation stages an event in Barbados we hear how good it has been for the island.

Would it not be a grand idea to take the next logical step and get the leaders in the arts, major sports, minor sports or hobbies, and the parishes all together to discuss their participation in annual festivals, involving the visitors and the locals each in their specific areas of interest?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for our visitors to enjoy their special interests with Barbadians with similar tastes?

Think of the friendships that would be made and the additional visitors the festivals would bring.

Festival Barbados is an example of how this could be done, though no serious attempt has been made to “fix” the festivals into specific months.

It is great to see what sports like yachting, hockey, boxing and rallying have done lately.

Horse racing (Gold Cup), cricket (Gary Sobers Cricket Festival) are already well established on our calendar.

Finally, what about a festival in each parish, and a flower of the month for display in churches and hotels?



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