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BL&P to pay intervenors


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THREE INTERVENORS?in the?October 2009 electricity rate hearing will share nearly $50 000 in costs awarded by the Fair Trading?Commission (FTC), which will be met by Barbados Light & Power Company (BL&P).
An FTC decision published yesterday said three of the nine intervenors appearing at the 16-day public hearing between October 7 and 23, 2009, had applied for costs, including itemised claims for the scope of work done by their consultants.
The three were the Barbados Small Business Association (BSBA), the Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (BANGO) and the Barbados Association of Retired Persons (BARP).
A determination was made that the sum of $45 786.95 would be disbursed among the intervenors: $33 100 to the BSBA; $8 035 to BANGO; and $4 651.95 to BARP.
“In determining the matter, the commission took into consideration the contribution made by each applicant during the rate review proceedings, the cost applications of BSBA,?BARP and BANGO and the submisisions of the BL&P,” the FTC statement said.
It noted that the BL&P did its own assessment of the cost claims and, while the company had no objection to bearing the costs being claimed, “believed claims could have been more substantiated”.
The FTC, in deciding to allow the BSBA to recover most of the amount claimed, lauded the BSBA’s consultant, former Cabinet minister Clyde Mascoll, an economist, for the “aptitude” he showed “in the way he handled various complex issues which arose”.
“Mr Mascoll showed knowledge of the application and most of the issues contained therein,” the FTC said.
It, however, adjusted claims by?BARP for out-of-pocket expenses/disbursements and allowed it to recover $3 448.75 for the consultancy fees claimed, and the entire $1 203.20 in expenses for travelling and photocopying.
While the FTC allowed claims for BANGO’s fees for one consultant, it did not accept another individual who appeared at the hearing on BANGO’s behalf as a consultant for the purpose of those proceedings, and also denied a claim for reimbursement of consultancy fees paid to BANGO secretary general?Roosevelt King.
“BANGO’s contribution, made through Mr King, did not enhance the commission’s knowledge of the issues for determination,” the FTC said.


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