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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Captain on hot tin roof


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IS A certain boss going to play musical chairs or not?
That’s the question on a lot of lips as people in the company are becoming anxious about the future.
They are calling on the boss to do something so that everyone would know for certain that he is in charge and has the testicular fortitude to chop and change as he, and he alone, sees fit.
Those in the know say the boss is now, more than ever, like a captain on a smoking deck running from pillar to post to extinguish the fires of discontent burning below to ensure no strife breaks out under his watch. 
From what Cou Cou was told, the first thing the boss has to do is to get a key person, who has been asked by the medical fraternity to lie low for a while, reassigned and back at the forefront. Our sources indicate that this could cause a few problems now that a certain country man has become accustomed to being in the inner circle having been at sea for years.
Another one for the boss to scratch his head over is how to lash a certain man without that person losing too much face and causing a problem. Removing at least two of this man’s jobs would satisfy both the newcomer to the firm and that key person.
But that’s not all. His country crew are looking for him to boost their prominence in the company. One of them, known for his big bark, has made it clear that he wants his old pick back even if the present job holder may be making waves.
In all of this, though, the boss still has not identified a second man, though certain people keep telling him a deputy is essential.
Farmer by moonlight
A certain big-up now understands the meaning of the saying “You can hide and buy land, but you can’t hide and work it”.
He found out the hard way when all the glory of his land blossomed one time in a manner that could be clearly seen by all those who never would have even guessed that he was a farmer.
Now this individual is digging pure horrors as people all around are shaking their heads in bewilderment at his exploits.
Champion in waiting
Will a certain man of the cloth make his long-awaited debut in the political ring?
This guy has the respect of foes and friends alike, having proven himself to be a champion of those in need – both spiritually and physically.
And with a certain do-gooder out of the race, his entry could result in a clean sweep in the south for the Dems.
To quote one loyal party man, “This guy just has the right hue.”
Rescue plan in works
What is going to happen with a certain business?
Well, all that was discussed recently between the real men of business and key Government officials at a special meeting last week.
A certain big-up, whose name might be associated with weather forecasts, another person, whose name Bajans would not be able to properly pronounce, and another big herder were at the meeting that was also attended by the bossman.
Apparently, the plan is to take over various aspects of a certain troubled business once and for all.
Be assured that Cou Cou will keep you informed.


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