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PUDDING & SOUSE: Gay keeping low profile


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IT SEEMS that a certain high gay is keeping a low profile these days after finally realising that nobody believed his rantings and ravings.
Pudding & Souse understands that he has received so much hate mail and so many threatening phone calls that he has decided to stay out of the limelight.
He tried hard to convince people that his actions were not motivated by purely personal interests but ended up catspraddled.
The damage has already been done, but he will remain an outcast, persona non grata, for some time to come.
Caught red-handed
Adults need to keep their dirty bedroom business away from the prying eyes of their innocent, young children.
A well-known, pretty, brown-skinned woman, who decided that she wanted nothing more to do with men and is now big on the fairer sex, found herself in a dilemma recently when her child was caught in bed with a young relative.
It appears that his mother and her female lover, who looks more macho than feminine, have been sleeping in bed with the poor little boy between them.
No one knows what he saw or heard, but it is obvious that he was imitating mummy.
The relative’s father was so livid that he put some blows on the woman and her lover.
Their friends have advised them to take the boy for counselling and to get a separate bedroom for him.
Text horror
Text messages can be very damning.
The relationship between a man and his live-in lover has all but come to an end because of a message that popped up on his phone.
The woman confided to her close friends that she was shocked when she checked the message and saw it was another woman telling her man how much she enjoyed him the night before and that it was time he left his boring woman for her.
The text message even went on to describe his anatomy in very glowing terms.
His girlfriend has not confronted her wayward man as yet because she is planning to do so when he is in the company of this woman.
But she has told her friends that she will gladly be putting him out of the house since she would be able to save more money by not having to support him anymore.
Fraud on the run
There is a man driving around Barbados defrauding women.
This man has left about ten women high and dry, after getting them to hand over money on claims that he was selling land or that their relatives overseas had sent parcels to them which required them to pay.
One woman, to whom he took the land story, even gave him her credit card to withdraw funds, even though she did not know him from Adam.
An elderly victim who went into her backyard, dug up $2 000 and gave him, is still hospitalised, after suffering a heart attack when she realised she had been fleeced.
The sad thing is that none of these women knew this man but, for some unexplained reason, gave him their money.
Now the police are looking for this man, who has so far taken these women for about $10 000.


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